Propose new ZP merchandise or review the goods you've ordered.
I know some of you (especially the international minions) might be waiting to order from the shop, because you want to combine shipping with whatever new items might be coming out. So while I can't reveal the full 2014 mascot shirt just yet, you can at least get a preview of all the items that are NEW for 2014. If you don't think those three upcoming items will interest you, feel free to order now.

Also kinda new but not really new... the Minions Work Shirt has been restocked (sold out last year, and people have been asking for more). And Stick 'n Carve is back, but now in three quantity options... 3-pack, 10-pack and 24-pack.

Regarding other ideas you may have hoped for... the Halloween season goes by quick, and packing orders can take up a good chunk of the day. Not only is time at a premium, but so is storage space. My home already looks like a warehouse at this time of year. So what I'm saying is... I have to limit how many different items I stock at any one time, to make packing orders simpler and storage more feasible.

I was this close to producing shirts in kid friendly sizes. It's been a long time since we tried that. But looking at the limits of time and budget, they just didn't make the cut this round. I'd also like to offer hoodies again, but it's a big endeavor due their size and cost. Eventually though! Also, long sleeve shirts are great too, but we still have plenty last year's style to move through first.

And then there are other product categories. I've heard suggestions for neck ties, scarves, lanyards, baseball caps, plush toys, pillows, calendars, towels, flags, mugs, coasters, shot glasses.... Trust me, I'm considering all the options! :thumbsup: But for 2014, the experimental products are the beanies and the mascot t-shirts which have more premium ink colors than I've ever done in the past. We'll see how these products do.

Oh, and also I should be getting some new freebies to include with orders in the near future, so you might find some tricks and treats with your deliveries. :twisted:
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Won't be long now. The new t-shirts look cool was hoping for a long sleeved one but with the massive graphic on the mascot one
will defineitly be getting one of those and the beanie. Hurray up and launch Ryan so I can give you my money. Can't wait to see some new patterns.
Oh man I really hope I don't get into trouble with Ryan over this but what most of you probably don't know is that I'm quite a dab hand with Photoshop and using the advanced techniques I've mastered over the years I was able to peel away at the mascot shirt preview to reveal the true mascot hidden under the splash.

I couldn't help it I'm all hyped for the new site, please don't be angry with me :cry: I'm going to post it as a spoiler as I know a lot of you won't want to see it until the new site goes live: Image
I do think it is haunted house related :) :lol: S.A.M you are very skillful at photoshop :lol: I honestly can't wait, I am checking the site daily now (even the hubby is checking in and letting me know :P )
:lol: Thanks guys for your kind comments regarding my mastery of Photoshop :P Inevitably it seems Ryan replaced the image, to those who saw the original, pretty cool eh? I won't post it again otherwise I'll be in deep trouble :lipssealed:
hehehe j/k

I can't wait to get my order in for the new shirts and minion beanie, it's all getting pretty exciting :thumbsup:
I'll be dropping money on the new merchandise as per usual. And likely draining my bank account in the process.

Can't wait for the launch!