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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Due to a miscommunication with the shirt printer, the 2014 t-shirts arrived later than I had planned for. The good news - I'm all caught up on order shipping, including all the pre-orders. So if you bought a shirt (and/or anything else), it's on its way right now. :thumbsup:

Next up, more patterns and other things. Sorry if I've been quiet the past couple days. I had a few shirts to fold. :lol:


Really pleased with how these shirts came out though. Nice shading on the mascot, and soft inks all around.

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By SuperSonic
Ooooh goodie! Can't wait to get mine! I've been wanting to rock these with the beanie for a while! :)
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By Lala
Yippeee! I can't wait for my shirt!!!
By Ajax
Good thing you fixed up the miscommunication wouldn't do you much good getting them in December. Always sell you pumpkin stocks before Oct 31st I always say.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Everyone has been so patient waiting for these shirts to ship. Thanks for that. I hope you find it worth the wait.

I'm wearing one of the new shirts today! Wore it out in public while running errands and got some looks for sure. Someone complimented the design and asked if it glowed in the dark. I said, "This design doesn't but I do sell another shirt that does glow!"

Yeah Raven, TKaraoke does love his illustrated t-shirts, does't he! :lol:

Ajax, indeed you are correct. Halloween stuff should be received in time for Halloween! This is what I told the shirt printer. "I need these now, my international minions need enough shipping time to receive these before the big day!"
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By Raven
I got mine today and I'M SO EXCITED! My husband normally wears them simply because he thinks they look cool. It's nothing to do with liking pumpkins, carving or Halloween. This year I might have to steal it though or buy another one. I just don't wear t-shirts... I love the goodie bag and was over the moon about the key chain!! The new stickers and pins are awesome as well!

Thanks, Ryan! :kiss:
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By pagemaster1993
I got mine today. I'm happy, happy, happy. Thank you Ryan. Can't wait to wear these shirts about town.