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By shaft28
So Friday evening (West coast time) I realize I used up all the Stick n Carve last year so I place an order in the shop. Twelve hours later I receive an email my package has shipped. Monday, just moments ago, they arrived at my door.

All I'm saying is Ryan for Postmaster General.

Thanks man!
Hahah no problem. I remember sending out your order, I believe you put a personal Halloween greeting in the "notes" area.

Today I was printing shipping labels and was moments away from heading to the post office. Just then, another order came in for a carving tool. I printed out the packing slip and shipping label right that instant. So that customer got a "your order has shipped" confirmation email about a minute after they paid, which must have seemed pretty quick. Haha. Within 10 minutes the package was at that post office. :thumbsup:
Yep, I ordered a carving saw on a Thursday and had it the next Monday. For the East Coast to Colorado, that's pretty amazing. :thumbsup:
I was going to post the very same comment on here about this. I too placed an order on Friday for the same thing but due to my LOVELY post office they sat on it for a day. But Ryan you are the man and thank you so much.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Order placed: Monday, 12:37 pm
Order shipped: Monday, 2:29 pm
Order Delivered: Wednesday, 9:30 am

From start to finish my experience was less than 48 hours total! Ryan, you are unbelievable! Plus, a special request was granted, which made this minion very VERY happy! I cannot say enough good things about Zombie Pumpkins and it's Patch Master!