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By NHammack

I was curious if the ZP store would ever consider selling baking items? I happened to see a rolling pin the othe day & thought "How cool would that be if ZP had some it's templates on the roller?"



Just curious... :D
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By purple1worm
Awesome! You could also use it on fondant to cover cakes.
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By NHammack
That's where I originally saw it was for fondant & they use it on smaller plastic rollers which may be cheaper to produce. I just thought it would be friggin' awesome if somehow ZP was to select a few templates and sell them for baking items. Just a thought of being able to generate a few more bucks for the site & making awesome products for us to buy. :wink:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
That rolling pin is awesome. I'd consider selling such products, if it was feasible to make a small amount (the amount I could likely sell) for a reasonable production cost. Another item I've considered in the past is reusable stencils for decorating cakes.

Ryan, we bake a lot, & the patterned rollers are both heavy & expensive typically.
My suggestion for a format such as this to be considered would to have the typical silicone pattern, but one that detaches as a sleeve which has "pinch" ends to hold it firmly in place without struggling to slide it on use a bit of butter to assist with slide & make it acceptable for the cook as to any cross contamination ..biscuits should be butter rich imho! ..OR to have a heavier construction with a magnetic attachment (weight is good for rolling pins after all) so the silicone sheet designs self anchor (untested) ..this would make cleaning up a tad more difficult but many items are "specialist" & hand clean only.

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By matspud
There are lots of them on Etsy , Gus - not just halloween either :-) ... _gallery_2" onclick=";return false; ... &ref=auto1" onclick=";return false;

This is one of my favourites ... _gallery_1" onclick=";return false;