Propose new ZP merchandise or review the goods you've ordered.
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By chuckwagon
I know I brought this up a year or so ago in a "wish list" topic for shocking shop items, but I have been hoping for it a while now. My job, as I am sure many others, require me to wear my credential at all times where it can be plainly seen to allow me access to certain areas that are otherwise restricted. I usually just wear mine on a lanyard around my neck, and I have been buying multiple lanyards from Hot Topic, and Spencer's to help rotate kind of like part of my wardrobe. I've got Pokemon themed lanyards, Nintendo themed lanyards, Nightmare Before Christmas themed lanyards, etc... However, I'd LOVE to see a ZP! themed lanyard available in the Shocking Shop at some point. Not only are they perfect for working credentials, but I know many people have used them to keep their keys on. I've done this too. Maybe some alternating mascot images on the same lanyard, or ZP! Minions all over it... IDK, get creative with thoughts and design, but does anyone else have a use for a lanyard? I can't be the only one, can I? :)
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By Lala
I would so buy this! my keys are on a lanyard, it's Frankenweenie :D
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By Euri
This. Is. FANTASTIC!!! I especially love your idea of alternating mascots along the length of the lanyard.

I'm also a fan of key chains and challenge coins!
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By Donna Destruction
It wouldn't be ZP, but I have lots of ribbon and lanyard hardware if anyone wanted one. I have walking dead, lots of nbc, zombie hello kitty.... And can probably find lots more... But yes, Ryan should do lanyards.
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By Chewy
Id be ordering one too! or maybe two too!

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By Dutch minion
in stead of a lanyard it could also be a ticket holder with drawstring, I also have to wear my credentials visible at work, we keep m on a drawstring.