Propose new ZP merchandise or review the goods you've ordered.
The Shocking Shop is fully open for business! Just to review, here are the new items for the 2015 season...

Coven of the Zombie Pumpkins! T-Shirt
The same brand and material as the unisex shirts I've sold for the past few years. This time with witchy goodness!


Coven of the Zombie Pumpkins! Hoodie
The first ZP zipper hoodie in 6 years. Tried a different sweatshirt brand this time. Super soft and cozy.


Here Comes Trouble Kids T-Shirt
The first ZP kids shirt 8 years! With a cute phrase aimed at the 2-6 year old range.


Zombie Pumpkins Cutout Decoration
Inspired by the vintage Halloween cutouts (like the Beistle type).Reversible, die-cut, 9.5" x 10" and printed in flat retro colors on both sides of glossy card stock.


I also restocked these products:
Pro Pumpkin Carving Tool
Stick 'n Carve Transfer Sheets
Minions Beanie

If you have any questions, ask away!
Placed my order the moment I got up this morning! I even infected my brother Matthew and persuaded him to purchase a hoodie!
pagemaster1993 wrote:Who thinks Ryan should release all the other mascots as cut outs? I think that sounds good to me.
I'd be down for something like this.
Hubby asked me what I wanted for our Anniversary.

"A Zombie pumpkins hoodie"

"...and a t shirt"

"and a tshirt from Laboratory because I don't have one"

"...and a cut out"

hahahahaha. I searched the entire house for my House of the ZombiePumpkins Shirt - I thought I had lost but, but I am wearing now. So soft.