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By Aylortay
I've suggested this to the patchmaster before but thought maybe we could get more input on it :)

I think offering a baseball hat with a simple ZP on the front then the site URL along the back would be great. It's something you can wear all year round. Anyone agree? Maybe next year :wink:
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By Pumpkinfreak
Now that sounds great, would be a really cool addition to the yearly shop items! :thumbsup:
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By SuperSonic
I love this idea. But the issue lies in what kind of caps would they be? Fitted? Snapback? Strap?

The issue here is that everyone has a preference. Take me as an example. I prefer Fitted over Snapback. But will wear both.

I feel as if it wouldn't sell incredulously well aside from a niche crowd.

But I'd certainly love one!
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By Aylortay
I'd say adjustable for sure, then it fits all heads (and those of us who would pull their ponytail through the back :lol: )
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By pagemaster1993
I'm not big on Baseball hats, but I would probably still buy one.