Propose new ZP merchandise or review the goods you've ordered.
Thank you for a super transaction. Shipping was fast & very reasonable, the shirt looks & feels great, & the extra goodies were a nice surprise. Thanks again for the excellent customer service.
mesmark - Yep, I absolutely understand the need to combine shipping, with international postage costs (and possible import taxes) what they are these days. So it's no inconvenience to set one aside for you. A Laboratory Long Sleeve, in size Small you say? I've deducted 1 from my shop inventory count, so consider it reserved.

The same offer goes to any of the rest of you too. If you want me to set aside any shirts for you, to do a larger combined order in the near future, we can arrange that.

FYI - in the next 3 weeks I'll also be discounting the Vulture, Coven and Carnival t-shirts. So if anyone wants one of those for $5 as well, let me know and I can create an invoice for one combined order, all with clearance prices.

Also FYI - Later in September, I'm planning to release a new tshirt, new hats, and a bunch of new smaller items. So if anyone wants the clearance sale shirts held for them until then (so you can consider ordering the new items too) I can ship everything together at that time.

Just PM me if you're interested in making any of the special arrangements. It's no problem. :smile:
mesmark wrote:
Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:40 pm
So, when it comes time for my shop order, I will need to pm you my list and have you create an invoice for me?
Yeah, that seems like more or less the best way. If you make separate orders from the shop page, you'll be charged shipping fees every time. But if you contact me to tell me what you want, I can collect it together, add up the total cost (including clearance prices), and then weigh everything to calculate the precise shipping cost.

So basically... if you see something you want to buy later and are worried that it may sell out, contact me (either by forum private message, email, or contact form) to tell me to set it aside for you (there's a box on a shelf here with your name on it). I'll deduct the item from inventory so I don't oversell. Then, you can contact me again when you're ready to pay - I'll do the calculations and email you an accurate invoice with links to make online payment. :thumbsup:
mesmark wrote:
Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:40 pm
So, when it comes time for my shop order, I will need to pm you my list and have you create an invoice for me?
Cool! I was wondering the same. Will be PM soon.
I wanted to steal a House of the ZP! Shirt but was unaware of this process.

Can you set aside one Vulture tee in XL? I need to do some spri-ERR I MEAN Fall cleaning of my wardrobe.

I'll grab House at the same time the site launches. I'll put through the order for Vulture this coming Thursday if you can hold it that long
SuperSonic - Doh, I'm all sold out of XL in the Vulture Shock shirt design. Sorry buddy. :confused:

I can offer you an XL in the House of the ZP design, at the $5 clearance price, if you're interested in that. Shall I set it aside, to make sure it doesn't sell out before you order at site launch time?
Aww no! That sucks :cry:

These vultures done picked the skin right off my bones :skull:

Yes please! My House of the ZP is dead in the water (it's basically a work shirt now).

I can't WAIT for the reveal!

Edit: You can tag people in posts now? Interesting to see my name in Orange.
Ok, you got it. There's a House shirt set aside with your name on it (the shelf of reserved shirts is growing, :grin: ). Good choice, the House pumpkin and shirt design have always been a favorite of mine.

I can't wait to reveal the new stuff. I have a strong hunch that you'll like at least one of the 10 new items being added to the shop.

You can't actually tag users in posts (I just made the text for your name orange to draw your attention). But wouldn't it be cool if you could tag a user in your post, and they'd get a notification? I'll have to see if such a thing is possible.
At least one?! Don't be so modest! I'll love them all! (Won't be able to afford it all but I'll love it all).

Yeah. House is totally one of my favorite mascots. Curse still being the all timer.

Care to change my mind this year? 👀

Also. Tagging users in posts would be a GREAT idea!