Propose new ZP merchandise or review the goods you've ordered.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I'll start sharing some of the new products here, so you can think about what you might want to treat yourself to this year. :grin: Coming soon...

If you're partial to pumpkins, let the world know by affixing one of these transfer stickers on your car window, laptop, or any other smooth surface. Made of cut white vinyl, each decal measures approximately 5.75" x 3.5". Durable and weatherproof, for indoor or outdoor use.

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By SuperSonic

(I wanna see these SOO BAD). :jack_o_lantern:
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By Euri
Love this. I'm still a bit sad that I wasn't able to grab the other mascot decals from a few years back. I won't let this one slide for sure.
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By SuperSonic
Well. Burning the midnight oil as usual showed me something I absolutely adore!

Gonna have to grab this little guy. My House keychain is wearing down thanks to being in my pants all the time.
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By staticfurball
Ohh nice! Love that keychain.
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By amandap80
I am ready for my new decal!!! I love all this so far! :black_heart:
S.A.M wrote:
Sat Oct 06, 2018 8:17 am
I'm liking what I'm seeing so far plus it all looks nice and flat and light for that international shipping 'cos I want to buy it all :lol:
The small items make good "add on" purchases, because you should be able to add them to your cart without adding to the shipping costs. Although, if you bought one tiny item by itself, the shipping may be pretty higher than you'd hope (for international orders, that is).

A note about international postage:

I recently calculated the shipping costs of all the items, based on their weight and destination. And unfortunately postage costs have risen again this year. It might make ordering from the ZP Shocking Shop prohibitively expensive for some. I wish there was something I could do about it. :confounded:

My suggestion would be to combine your orders into one single purchase, so everything you want can be sent together. There seems to be a general base price to send an international package, so if you're already paying that, you might as well get everything you want into that one box.

Also, I want to point out that the shopping cart system should be able to figure out the accurate postage costs (I had to do a lot of math!) but the more items you order, the more chance there is for the postage calculation to start to veer off from the true cost. So....

If you place an order, and are undercharged for shipping, I'll eat the costs (within reason). But if I discover that you were overcharged for shipping, I will grant you a refund for the difference.

Point is... I'm doing my best to charge the true cost of shipping, sometimes taking a slight loss, in the hopes to keep it fair and reasonable. Thanks for the understanding, my foreign friends.
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Just a heads up, forum fiends. All the new items featuring the Zed mascot are available for purchase. This includes the Vinyl Transfer Decals and Keychain mentioned earlier, as well as these new items...

Zed Wristband
Breaking a sweat from all that pumpkin carving? Arm yourself with this black wrist sweatband, and wipe that pumpkin juice from your brow.


Zed Beanie
Keep the chill of autumn out of your skull with this knit beanie hat. And won't the headless horseman be jealous of your fashion options.


Zed Cap
This low-profile, unstructured style creates a casual comfort look that many call a "dad hat." But you can still wear it if you're a mummy.


And I also posted placeholder pages in the shop, for the 3 remaining new items (to help people plan their purchases). These items will feature the themed mascot illustration for this year.... on a t-shirt, patch and pin. Design to be revealed very soon!
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By Euri
I'm checking out items in the shop for my next order because I'm super excited about this new mascot, and I notice that the Shadow shirts appear to only be available in size small. In looking at some of the previous shirts and hoodies, I notice they also only seem to be stuck on one size.
Is that accurate? If so that could be the fastest sellout of shirts since the glow-in-the-dark Spirit shirt. However, as I don't fit in a small, I'm hoping its a minor glitch. :wink: