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When can you expect new items in the shop? The answer to that question is... 2020. :confused:

I sort of went overboard with new products last year (9 new items in the shop). After breaking the budget there, I knew I would have to scale back a bit this year. At the very least, I hoped to have a new t-shirt with the 2019 mascot. But other urgent obligations got in the way, and so the new shirt (and other items) will have to wait until next year. Sorry!

But I have big plans for Halloween 2020, so you can look forward to that. Expect double the new shirts and pins, and probably other things too.

In the meantime, if you want a Halloween shirt at a very affordable price, all my currently stocked shirts are on sale for 31% off. Help me clear these inventory shelves, which will simultanously help fund future product lines!

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Thanks so much for understanding. That's awesome that you've been collecting them for so long. I know you're not alone in that, so I don't want to let folks like you down. That's why I'll follow through and make "Fortune" shirts next year, as well as the shirts for... OOPS, I almost gave away next year's theme. :lipssealed:
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By SuperSonic
I was begining to wonder if the new Mascot shirt would pop up!

Good to know. My wallet is thankful for this season that's for sure!

So does that mean.... we get a ZP double feature for Mascots next year?! 👀
By Ajax
So I assume this means we get double the amount of patterns this season? Or just a Voltron. :grin: