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By shaft28
Happy Halloween! Have fun today!
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By Lala
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I just have last minute cleaning to do because my brothers friend is coming over and some food to make but nothing stressful. So excited!!
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By SaneInsideInsanity
Happy Halloween everyone. And thanks to the patch master for another amazing round of patterns this year
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By Raven
Happy Halloween, all! I did my scary deed for the day and cleaned my kitchen. It was a nightmare!! I have no idea what our evening plans are, but we will think of something. Have a spooktacular night!!!
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By Mayor of Haddonfield
This was our best Halloween ever! Ended with 63 carves on 54 pumpkins. It was amazing how many people came by and the compliments made it worth it. Had a lady say she drove 40 minutes to see our display :shock: The word of mouth we've created has been insane.
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By Pumpkinfreak
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!
We took it easy this year on celebrations, so just a calm night filled with family, horror movies and pumpkin guts, can it get better than this :lol:
And a thanks to the patchmaster for some great new patterns!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween day/night! With a little help I displayed about a dozen carvings. I pulled together a costume within a couple hours, which worked out great considering it was mostly just planned in my mind, until it was executed on the day.

So many months of planning, and it's over in a night. But we all know that Halloween is more than a day. It's a month. It's a season. It's a lifestyle.
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By Lala
*holds hand to Ryan's head to check for Fever* put together costume in one day? I mean I don't doubt your skills Ryan but wow. Please do tell. I need a thread about this. :?