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I can see by zooming in that the certificate says carving parties. I must have one of these certificates. :love:

Do you you have to do multiple things to earn the goodies? Spill the beans!

(I got my zombie pumpkins tattoo in like 2012 so I wasn't sure if you had to complete multiple things)
Well there was this back in 2011:
mesmark wrote:
Thu Sep 22, 2011 8:50 pm
back in August I was working with some groups in Tokyo and arranged this for the Tokyo station terminal:
The girl also handed out some fliers from Aug. 28 - Sept. 17. They had a Japan special edition stencil on the back. It's awesome! I hope it shows up in the VIP patterns at least.

I sent the pictures to Ryan a few weeks ago, but I guess since he hasn't gotten that minion page quite together, he hasn't released these yet. :?
Although Ryan appreciates some good-old photoshop fun, that didn't seem to win me a minion patch.

In all honesty, I think I received my minion status based on a bunch of small things over the years.

:D I generally have a carving a party with as many people as I can find pumpkins for. I have ZP stencils out for them and mention ZP in my little info pack for guests.
the party post



:D I did do one official carving demonstration and Halloween booth at a craft fair back in 2015. There I had ZP stickers, stencils and info. But, no big crowds.
craft fair post

:D I have a website for ESL teachers around the world and I post a banner and link to ZP there:
It used to be more prominent, but I have added quite a few things to that page over the years and now it's a little buried in with all the other stuff.

:D I have been on the forums wearing Ryan down for years. And back in 2011, I joined in on the fun to improve the photo quality:
mesmark wrote:
Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:59 am
Well, I did a couple more this evening. And since Nosferatu has thrown down the gauntlet, I decided to work on my picture taking technique.

Here's the Cars 2 heros with their friends, set in a nice Halloween scene:


And then we thought ... that's lame :twisted:

Here they are not backing down. With a big rig bearing down on them, our heroes just barely escaped.

That was a little close and so Mator needed to clean up a few skid marks:


Then it was off to Radiator Springs to take a picture on the new road!


Tired from all their travels, our heroes stopped off at the 7/11 for a little break before heading home.


:D I did my best to spread a little ZP joy with a secret mascot send-out back in 2015:
mesmark wrote:
Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:11 am
I ran this all past Ryan back in early Aug. The mascots were finished at the end of Aug. and I had sat there wondering and wondering if was too early to send out the packages ... an early Halloween surprise is OK too, I guess :frank:

I'm glad the packages arrived and that you guys like the mascots. It was fun making all of those and fun to have them in the house for a while:


It's harder to make the smaller versions. With the foam, it much easier to make larger less detailed items. Anyway, please remember that they are meant to be viewed from a few feet away :frank:

I'm not sure when I'll make more, but someday ...
nosferatu wrote:... she went even more mental when I opened the box and I too had a ZP! Mascot plus other goodies. They, like me, were blown away by the generosity and soooooo excited about having Japanese sweets ...
Awesome! I was hoping your kids would like the treats.

ZP is an awesome community. It's always such a treat to share Halloween with all of you.

:D I have (unsuccessfully) attempted to win previous awards for dressing up to match the ZP stencils:



:D I think (hope) that some of my prop creation posts have brought in some traffic and awareness of ZP over the years. I have a blog with some of the same information on how I've made things. Those posts get quite a few hits in October and since they are just a repeat (summary) of what I post here, they should show up in search results for Ryan.

:D I'm the only minion to have designed an official, existing ZP forum emoticon :pirate:

:D Lastly, I think I can say that I had some influence on the creation of a few ZP stencils over the years:
Image, Image, Image

Maybe some other little stuff, here and there. Those are just some of the things that I can remember having fun with. So, in summary, I think I finally wore Ryan down and he decided to throw me a bone. :pirate:
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Lala wrote:
Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:12 pm
... (I got my zombie pumpkins tattoo in like 2012 so I wasn't sure if you had to complete multiple things)
That ought to do it. I think permanently marking your body qualifies you for official minion status. Maybe send him a minion mission complete PM with the tattoo photo.

I think Ryan gets pretty busy during the Halloween run up and maybe he just didn't have a chance to get that done and sent out to you.

I purchased some items from the shop this year after Halloween and so I might have hit his radar at an opportune moment.
Ajax wrote:
Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:43 pm
congrats and well earned, I couldn't think of a more deserving member. :thumbsup:
Thanks! It was a nice surprise.

I think I got a little carried away above, but I started to have fun reminiscing about all the little things I've/we've done together over the years.
mesmark - On your certificate, I mentioned the parties (which surely exposed new people to ZP), but you're totally correct that I wanted to reward you for your cumulative contributions to the world of Zombie Pumpkins.

It was really fun reminiscing about your contributions. I remember just about all of those things, but it's nice to have them all recapped in one post. Photos, videos, decorations, props, gifts, demonstrations, forum additions... all the things you mentioned. Surely you've shaped the history of the Zombie Pumpkins!

Oh, and you were also a participant in that "thank you to Zombie Pumpkins" video that Dadja edited together. Although, that doesn't seem to be on YouTube anymore. I was pretty sure I had it saved, but can't find it at the moment. I'll try to dig it up, but it anyone else has it, let me know.