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Last year we didn't get a chance to do the gift swap unfortunately, but a few have expressed interest in reviving it this year. So I thought I would take charge and offer to organize it. :grin: I'll lay out the guidelines based on how we did it in the past. But feel free chime in if you think the specifics should be changed:

How it works: The idea is to send a variety of small Halloween/autumn gifts (for a set dollar amount) to your randomly assigned partner, who will also be mailing you a package of surprise treats. Those interested will privately send their questionnaire answers to the organizer (me) who will assign the matches.

What gifts to give:  Be creative! Our members live all over the world and it's so much fun to see the variety of items. Halloween decorations, household items, candy, toys, books, artwork, even handmade gifts. Remember if you don't have a plethora of Halloween stuff to send, you can do fall or autumn themed as well.

Spending amount: Around $20 USD in value. It's best to consider that the general target (rather than a "maximum" or "minimum"). To keep it feeling fair, we wouldn't want anyone going wildly above or below.

Sign up deadline: Those who want to participate should PM their questionnaire answers by September 24, 2018. Shortly after that I will randomly match people, and privately notify everyone with the details about their swap partner.

Shipping deadline: We should aim to have gift packages mailed out by October 8, 2018. This will allow for international swappers to receive and enjoy their goodies during the final week of October.

Questionnaire: Send me a PM with your answers to these questions, to lock in your participation.
  1. Your full name
  2. Your mailing address
  3. Do you have any allergies? (some people like to add edible treats, candy)
  4. Are you willing to ship internationally? (keep in mind, the cost of international postage and fees can add up)
  5. Did you participate in our gift swap in previous years? If so, do you recall who your partner was?

Disclaimer: Everyone's creativity, schedule, budget and access to Halloween items will vary. So I encourage all participants to sign up with modest expectations, but the best of intentions. If someone never receives the gift trade they expect, I will try to make it up to them with some Zombie Pumpkins treats.

Those interested in participating so far:
  • staticfurball
  • purple1worm
  • BrookR1
  • amandap80
  • Zombie Pumpkins!
  • vibhandaka
  • Donna Destruction
  • paddy_babe
  • CanadianCarver
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