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By Euri
I come and lurk for general discussion, etc., but I have been quite busy with the season more than ever before. Hence the lurking and not much posting.

Hope life and personal matters have been happily resolved, Ryan! :orange_heart:
By Shilden_72
Same here, I had a lot of work to go through, and fortunately, some holidays as well. I'm not a regular user of the forum, but it's starting to be the right season to visit it!
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By purple1worm
I too have been lurking. But a bit busy with things. Very excited for the big day!! :jack_o_lantern:
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By sloaner
I've been checking everyday hoping for updates and new patterns. The big day has snuck up so fast and I'm not ready :shock: I'm at 3 pumpkins done and hope to do another 3 - 5. Hopefully we see some more pictures of peoples carves and decorations. I'll try to do that myself in early November. I just need to remember how to do that lol.
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By Raven
I feel like the option to like or dislike a post has taken away a lot of people actually posting something. I get a lot of likes on things but not an actual conversation. I've used the like button a few times, but I still try to actually comment on the posts. Comments lead to more actual conversations. Just my opinion.
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By shaft28
Not a comment. Just wanted to point out I "liked" Raven's comment.

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