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Mine was great.. pumpkins went down a treat lots of comments. Lots of kids dressed up too. Had a quick walk around later at night to see all the other pumpkins and displays. I’m glad to say where I live it’s getting bigger year by year.
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It was very cold, windy and we had rain and snow. There were a lot of kids out but not for long at all. It was probably the quickest trick or treating we've ever done. It was still Halloween and still fun though!
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It was supposed to be 100% rain on Thursday but we had a few dry periods and sometimes it was only light rain. Had 66 kids which is ok considering the crappy weather. The next morning we had snow. I was happy with my display and got lot of compliments. Some people even said the pumpkins over shadowed the other decorations.
It was a really fun night. We had nice weather and a good turn out. We had about 115 trick or treaters stop by. I was able to get all of the pumpkins I planned to carve done except for one. I hope everyone had a good Halloween.
In Essex, UK we were fortunate to have dry weather although it was quite chilly it certainly didn't freeze the spirits so to say....

We had a lot of larger groups visiting this year, no particular reason as to why, that I can think of.
Actually, I was expecting the numbers to be lower than usual because Halloween was during the school holiday period here, but if there was a drop in the number of children visiting it didn't seem to be apparent.

We estimated the number of children visiting this year to be around the 100 mark, which is not too far off the usual numbers that we see, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less.

We had a lot of parents comment on the pumpkins again, and informed us that they had been in previous years and always enjoyed seeing the new designs and decorations etc.

Thanks as ever to Ryan for the fantastic site and designs, and also for his store that provides me with my annual Stick 'n Carve needs!

Thanks also to the contributions to the site, as there is so much inspiration here that paves the way to making our Halloween party a success!

I'll be getting orders in soon for some new carving tools and Stick 'n Carve to satisfy me for 2020, looks like 24 sheets is not going to be sufficient, so might just buy in bulk... lol
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The weather was awful - I never get any trick or treaters anymore, but it was cold and icky anyway. I carved pumpkins with family and frolicked. We did go to St Louis on the 27th and visited the Lemp mansion and did the Haunted Brewery Haunted house before seeing Rasputina live. That was a heck of a night! :black_heart: :black_heart:
We have had a great halloween, the weather was very nice so a lot of kids gathered around us to go trick or treating. There were more families who decided to decorate their houses this year, wich is not very common here in Holland. our carvings got a lot of attention, esspecially from the American Expats who walked past the house. looking foreward to next year!
Mine was not so great. Where I live Trick-Or-Treat night is always held on the last Thursday of October. Well once in a blue moon Trick-Or-Treat night falls on Halloween. This year was one of those years, so you could imagine my excitement. I was ready and everything for one of the best nights ever. Then the city decided to change the day because of a little rain storm. To make a long story short I didn't get to suit up or hand out candy this year. I hope next year they don't mess it all up.
My Halloween was the same this year. Even though the city recommended ppl pass the next day due to bad weather, citizens were still decided about it. I gave out on the 31st but turn out wasn't very good. The thing was worse the next day! So, everyone who wanted didn't even end up going out in Nov 1st so all kinds of kids lost out.
Suffering from Halloween withdrawal.

2019 was an exceptional year. A bit unexpected. I received press coverage for the first time from 3 local outlets. The first interview was at the end of last September. After the word got out, I had several people request tours (Boy Scouts, a book club, senior citizens, and a mom and her son producing a podcast). People recognized me in the grocery store and at a neighborhood organization meetings.

I open my garage (with about 200 pumpkins) for people on the weekend before Halloween and on Halloween night. I put on a music, fog, and light show for them too. The weather was good. The first Saturday I had over 300 people show up. Sunday, I had fewer, but still a very good turnout. Halloween, we had over 200 people. We estimate over 800 people attended over 3 nights plus private tours. I was on a major Halloween high for 6 weeks. I was completely exhausted by the end of it and looked forward to just resting. Which I did for a month.

Now I'm back to carving pumpkins. I've carved 27 since last Halloween. My goal is 50 this year. I'm holding a carving class next weekend. I know the season is still 6 months away, but other haunters in the area are already planning and building. I'm getting excited again. I have two new themes planned for 2020.