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Hi guys new to the discussion but long time zombie pumpkin carver. Was just on pinterest makes me so mad to see people claiming ZP patterns as there own. Did 100 pumpkins last year all ZP patterns not very computer savvy to send pics but it was so cool seeing them all in my yard neighborhood loved it hoping to do 110 this year wish me luck.....
I got my box on Friday but only had a chance to open it today! Great box from Saneinsideinsanity!
Purrfect pumpkin hand soap, pumpkin carving candle from bath and body works. A zombie gnome and a resin pumpkin. A bag of ghost chocolates and 2 cool bath bombs from Lush.
Next some awesome Hawkins cheezies, a bag of Purdy's assorted chocolates and a cute "trick or treat" sign.
I also got some stickers, a sheet of removable window stickers and whole lot of other candy!!
Image Thanks so much for this awesome box!
I got a box an amazing box of goodies from Lala (Lauren)! The whole package was put together with such care - glitter spiders greeted me all the way through the package and everything was packed with fun tissue paper. I got this awesome vintage style kitty and pumpkin box, which goes with my house decor perfectly! There was also candy in the pumpkin, woohoo! The adorable ghost coffee mug will be used for coffee in mere hours - and held spooky sour skittles as well. The Hocus Pocus kitchen set was beyond amazing - I had never seen these before and they are fantastic! I can't wait to wear my socks tomorrow, and I have the perfect spot in the house picked out for my tile sign and the super cool flameless candle with fence and crows . I am blown away by my swap package - thank you so much!! :black_heart: :black_heart: I have been sampling all the Idaho treats (for science)! They are delicious- so far my favorite is the Huckleberry Gems. :fangs: (I may have also had a few gummy eyeballs and a Reese's pumpkin with a glass of wine. :jack_o_lantern: )
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amandap80 wrote:
Fri Oct 14, 2022 12:30 am
I got a box an amazing box of goodies from Lala (Lauren)!
I was born and raised in Idaho. Moved away when I was 29. Part of me wants to say "Don't try the Idaho Spud bar" the other part of me is like "Oh hell yeah! Eat the spud bar!" I have a love/hate relationship with them. They are far better than a Tennessee Moon Pie. I think my favorite is the Cherry Cocktail bars. I always have to bring home Idaho candy for my husband whenever I go home to visit. Too bad she couldn't ship you an ice cream potato! Nice box of goodies!!
Got home from my work shift to a lovely surprise from Purple1worm....loving the socks u don't want to wear them in fear of wearing them out. Thanks so much :black_heart: :orange_heart: also looking at all these I need to up my wrapping game next season.
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