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By Pumpkin King
I have one around my place somethere, but I have never used it because I always find other interesting patterns to carve. If I found a really interesting photo I may try it out sometime.
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By matspud
You know more people by their forum id's than you do people at work/ in your neighborhood. ( Just call me Nicky no-mates :( )

You have to turn the spare bedroom into a storage area for your pumpkin patterns/tools/funkins etc :wink:

You consider moving to the US as it is easier to get kits and/or decent sized pumpkins there.

You suggest that you take your car on a 400 mile trip instead of flying and say that it will give you more freedom when you get there but what you really mean is I can get a lot more pumpkins in the trunk of my car than I can on a plane ( by the way there is no suggestion of me actually driving the 400 miles :D )

Your 7 yr old son starts saying " Not MORE patterns mum"
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By Tkaraoke
I'd really like to know if they work as well. I've actually tried to make my own stencil and the results looked just too retarded to even waste a pumpkin on.
Dans banana Loafcake wrote:
Pumpkin King wrote: You have the computer software prgram to change photos into pumpkin stencils.
Has anyone actually had any luck with these?

I need to find one of those programs. What are they? Where are they? How do they work?
mesmark wrote:your spouse says their tired of hearing about pumpkins back in August.

Someone says to you, "You're on that pumpkin site again! Get back to work!"

which reminds me ...
So that's why my wife is always mad at me!!! :lol: :D
By CanadianCarver
I am taking the Friday, Monday and Tuesday off before Halloween this year.....I guess I am addicted!!
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By amandap80
Ditto on taking off days from work, my boss knows October is 'high holy days' for me. My birthday is that Friday too! (27th)
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By Mister_JP
I'm not familiar with a specific program that is specially made for "making pumpkin patterns." But if you have A fairly good photo manipulation program (ala Photoshop) there are a few tools that can get a photo to the point where it would make a good pattern, or at least a good start.

Playing with the threshold setting can separate light and shadow quickly and easily, leaving perhaps only a few "connectors" to be made. Also posterizing the image will group colors and highlights together which will also help guide you.

In Adobe Illustraror CSII, there is a good tool called live trace. It will take a photo and turn it into line art in a flash. Set that to black and white and then play with the threshold setting there, you can come away with a pattern that way, or again, a good start at one. It won't have real smooth perfect lines like the patterns that you download here, but for someone unfamiliar with vector art, it is a good way to start.
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By vaderknightrider
amandap80 wrote:Ditto on taking off days from work, my boss knows October is 'high holy days' for me. My birthday is that Friday too! (27th)
My birthday's on the 25th!!
By Jaxter
Another sign would have to be when you have a countdon on your calender of how many days there are until halloween.

Another sign is when you check back with every carving site you know every day of the year.
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By Nikki
You know you're addicted to Carving Pumpkins when...

You buy watermelons during the year to keep from getting rusty and get new ideas....
By stormqueen29
You know your addicted to carving pupkins when...

One of the largest folders on your computer holds nothing but scanned copies of stencils dating back at least 8 years, because you can't bear the thought of losing any.

Your kids pick out the stencils they want to carve in October before the 4th of July. OR your kids fight over who gets to carve that awsome new ZP/JP pattern you just got!

Your kids have traced one or more of your stencil collection and used it to decorate a book cover for a school textbook, and you don't see anything wrong with that.

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By Patti
CanadianCarver wrote:I am taking the Friday, Monday and Tuesday off before Halloween this year.....I guess I am addicted!!
I'm taking off the Thursday before Halloween through 11/1 this year. My boss thinks I'm nuts but hey, it's my vacation time. He did ask that I come in long enough to interview a potential candidate if he can't schedule him in the beginning of the week. I guess I could give up a couple of carving hours, I have a short commute.

I need to take off 11/1 to recover. I'm putting up a "tiki bar" and I'm planning on having more than 1 or 2. :D I'm not much of a drinker so I'm sure to be hung over. :wink:

Any suggestions on something good to stock. I detest beer so Corona is out, even though I think it would look good.