Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
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By monstermash
Well our party went fine. Rain was a samll issue for me but it didn;t put anybody off staying outside. We had the usual bonfire, a few sqiubs, food, drink, music etc. Here's a few snaps (there are more on my kin thread).
A few pics of the zombification process:
That's me doing the make up for my brother, his friend and obviously myself. It was a bit rushed.

My brother, he was a zombie doctor but didn't have his coat on at this point:

Me rushing myself, just smearing a bit of blood on me arm.

Sorry for the lack of graveyard photos. If I come across anymore that others have taken i'll be sure to post them.

Old Grimmer in the fog. He looked better in the flesh.


And a few guys and ghouls. (me top row, second in from the left)

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By Raven
:shock: Your graveyard is so amazing! The reaper is just so very awesome, so creepy and so lifelike! I would have been scared to walk by him. I love the green lighting on everything, the orange glow of the pumpkins looks so cool in contrast. Your makeup job is excellent as well! It looks like your party was a roaring success!
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By mesmark
Wow! Look at that ... the props, costumes and make-up ... what a show! It looks like a few other dead guests showed as well.

The make-up for you, your brother and friend is simply stunning. I'm sure people were awed just with that. And, while I know taking a night photo that captures the essence is hard, it looks like that reaper was phenomenal. I like the candles off to the side and the green glow of the picture.

The photo of the ground breaker with the reaper pumpkin is also stunning.

Great job all around! You must be exhausted.
Such nice words, thanks everyone. Yeah I was pretty knackered yesterday after the party prep and post party clear up but it was all great fun. Everybody loved old Grimmer, I wish someone loved him enough to buy him off me because Ive nowhere as of yet to store him. :)
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By sloaner
I bet you guys had lots of fun. I know at my party I ended up walking around in pink onesie pajamas and doing that GANGNAM STYLE dance :cry:

I blame the Kraken rum.
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By nosferatu
Absolutely brilliant. You do the whole show. Amazing pictures as always. The make up is stunning and it looks a fab party.
Id invite you all next year but I might give 2013 a miss and just do some carves for myself. I say that every year just after but I think I really will skip next year. I just found this pic of our eyes. I think I prefered the red ones I had in last year but these yellow ones reminded me a bit of Regans from the Exorcist.
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By mesmark
monstermash wrote:Id invite you all next year but I might give 2013 a miss and just do some carves for myself. I say that every year just after but I think I really will skip next year.
What?!! I'm planning my European vacation around your Halloween party. We're crashing the event :D

Hang in there! I feel the same way, but I'm sure people would just love to come and hang out. Maybe just have a casual party for 2013 that you can enjoy and don't have to spend so long preparing for. Also, your guests all seem game. That's always inspiring. I hate it when people show up to my event with just a witches hat or just a cape hung over what they were wearing that day ...

I plan on taking a few years off at some point, but for now I'm planning to keep on going.

You can do it! Carve pumpkin for yourself in November :P
Monstermash - many thanks for sharing your party photos. Yours is one bash I always consider crashing. Don't be surprised if I show up one year.

The look of your costumes, makeup, props and decor are always so... creepy... gothic... haunting... classic. Like spirits from another time and place.

I know how tough it must be to get into costume, host a party, decorate, photograph, etc. For all that we don't see, I'm sure there was much more to enjoy. And yes, Grimmer is amazingly intimidating.

I'm always impressed to see the guests at your party. What a crew of spooks who really get into the spirit, so to speak. Here's the best compliment I can think to give - I don't think you are people in costume as ghosts, zombies and monsters. I think you are actually REAL spirits, masquerading as humans! Nice try, I'm onto your tricks.