Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
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By mesmark
The Apple Bobbing World Record: Mark Cox, Nagano, Japan, .83 seconds
I think I've bobbed for apples more as an adult than I did as a kid.

And other things happened at the MES 2012 Halloween Party


If you click on the link or the picture above, you can read the full write-up and take a look at all of the pictures. We had a record 96 kids and 67 adults at this year's event. It was a combination sushi/slasher theme this year with a bunch of new games and as most here know, an updated haunted house.

My wife made some sushi treats to match our costumes:

and as far as I know, a good time was had by all :D

Happy Halloween!
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By nosferatu
That's such an amazing achievement - the whole event, not the apple bobbing. When I watched the video I finally realised the scale and number of people you do this for. It's mind boggling. I love the video of you chasing the children, that is so funny.

The level of preparation, time spent, the amount of food provided, games, level of detail, entertainment, it's a phenomenal amount of work that you put in but it shows. It is exceptional. Truly awe inspiring.

By the way, I love the Halloween sushi. It's making me feel hungry.
Phew, I'm exhausted just looking at all your photos. I can't imagine what a blur it must be to conduct the actual event. Surely, you have some great helpers. But the party is clearly infused with much of your creativity and enthusiasm.

The big group shot is impressive on it's own, I have trouble getting a dozen family members to sit still long enough for such a photo. :lol:

I enjoy seeing all the costumes on display. Some put more effort into it than others, but many are very clever and unique. And some are traditional and classic. Some really good stuff. It's fun to see how people interpret Halloween in another culture. The character choices sure look different than the costumes I saw on kids here in Connecticut USA.

It must be so fun for your guests. So much to do, with all the games and events. I doubt anyone could get bored. Did you say you may take a break from this party for a couple years? Do you worry that people have come to expect this as part of their Halloween tradition? I've taken a break from having a pumpkin carving party for the past couple years (no time) and my friends keep begging me to bring back the tradition they had grown so fond of.

Your haunted house display is great, definitely worth getting more use this year, with lots of changes and additions. Watched over by the reaper guardian! Cool walk-through video, I feel like I was there. Quite "mazy" with the added confusion of darkness and strobe lights. Is the blurry vision also part of the in-person experience? Must be really disorienting then! ;)

Snake projection on the floor = awesome!

The pumpkins I recognize too (including on your shirts, I spied the Root shirt you had on under your sushi chef garb!)

In fact, I recognize many ideas that came from chats here on this forum. Either when you've asked for input from others here. Or maybe someone else posted a tutorial for a ghost or reaper which made it into your display. And I think that's great.

How cool is it that most of us have never met, and yet we can influence and add to each others decorations and celebrations across the globe!? :D :D