Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
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By ghostface
And so the planning begins! Really excited about this year. So far I have 3 trail ideas.

-Evil Scarecrow- Similar to last years pumpkin patch, but this year I am carving tons of 'kins and using the crosses I have to impale the pumpkins on them. I will be having some luminaries that I didn't use last year up and one of my scare actors will be a scarecrow.

-The Boneyard- This is actually a pretty simplistic one. I do not have to purchase anything. I will be using fishing wire and hanging bones and body parts from trees, and they will be dangling from the limbs in front of the guests faces as they walk through, but little do they know one of my scare actors will be standing on the sidelines getting ready to scare them! The scare actor will be dressed up as a skeleton.

-The Ice Cream Man- I like this idea a lot. Not sure how its going to turn out.. I will be building a stand and have it read Ice Cream in red drippy spray paint. And I will be putting Ice Cream cones along the front. If you guys are familiar with the horror blog, Freddy in Space, he and an artist named Frank Browning put together these horror ice cream mashups that are really cool (no pun intended) So I will be printing out samples of those and stapling them on all over the stand. One of my scare actors will be a scary clown covered in blood.

If you guys have feedback on my first trail ideas I would really appreciate it! Also if you guys have any ideas for more trail scenes that would be great too!

Great ideas, as usual, Ghostface. As I've said before, you can't go wrong with a pumpkin scene, as far as I'm concerned. The added scarecrow elements should take it to the next level.

I like the boneyard concept, simple but effective. Seems like something you might see in a more realistic horror movie where maniac cannibals are slaughtering and skinning poor hikers who pass through their woods. Would all the bones be plastic/foam (for safety, if people are bumping into them)? I assume the body parts will be rubber facsimiles. If they're real, you shouldn't be posting about your crimes on this public forum! :shock:

Love the ice cream man idea too! Clowns are creepy enough, and having the bloody clown pushing tainted ice cream is even more devious.


Cool idea to show off the horror movie themed ice cream images from the Freddy in Space blog. You should send some pictures of the final display to Johnny over there, I wouldn't be surprised if he gave you a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.
Thanks you guys! Can't wait. Ryan, yeah.... Plastic... :lol: Thanks for the idea about sending the trail scene to John! That makes me even more excited!

Now to brainstorm up some more ideas!
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By ghostface
Alright just thought up another trail idea. Hell. My family owns a body shop, so I have access to chains with hooks and such which is awesome. And I would be buying a few red lights to give it a hellish look. Was also thinking of investing in a Pinhead mask. What do you guys think?
Party UPDATE!!! Trail ideas are finalized!

I decided not to go with the 'Hell' idea, but instead, with help from a few Instagram friends, I have decided to go with, the Evil Scarecrow, the Ice Crean Man, the Boneyard, and the two new editions, a car accident and Salem Witch Trials!!

I have a fever... And it's for more cowbell! :lol: Just kidding of course! I actually am in a huge Halloween mood. I found an old wooden construction sign on the side of the road today, so I spray painted "TURN BACK" on it and set it at the beginning of the trail.

Also for the car accident, my family owns a body shop so we have wrecked cars and car parts laying around so I went searching through all the wrecked car parts we have today and got super inspired! :)=

I'm very excited for Halloween and the site relaunch! What do you guys think of the new trail scenes? Can't wait till its all put together and it's Halloween time! :D