Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
That's great! I bet it feels good to have an idea and some initial planning done.

See, there are so many spooky themes. From aliens to serial killers to demon possession. Great for party themes or website themes. :D
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By SuperSonic
Finally, and Nosferatu's "Axis of Halloween" is complete. Now the relaunch would be the icing on the cake so it were. :thumbsup: :frank:

Great theme Dadja, can't wait to see how it all turns out.
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By Dadja
Thank you all.

So if you have suggestions, they'd be more than welcome.

A few ideas I've got so far:

There is something like 'black light spray', it should be invisible, but light up under a black light. Has anyone worked with this? If it works I thought I'd be cool to spray paint a crop circle like stencil on the ground outside the door and replace the street light with a black light. It would be even better if I could attach a motion detector to it...
I have green spotlights so I'll def use those. And I've been planning on buying a laser effect light, so I might do that now. Not sure yet.
A fog machine is of course also possible, but I've decided not to spend money on that this year.

I think food with a slight sci-fi feel to it should be good. Mouses, jellies, preferably in bright colors, I think for example a bright green espuma of peas would work very well.

Anyway, more ideas are welcome. Also on the costume. I do know I don't want to dress up as an alien, but everything else is open. A men in black like character might be ok, but perhaps not surprising enough...
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By nosferatu
As the cocktail king, you should offer Alien Brain Hemorrhage cocktails. They look fantastic too. How about Alien Vodka Jellies?

In terms of decoration, I love these Alien muppet costumes that could be used as background props. Great idea and virtually no cost

You could use or make your own space invader artwork or use styrofoam heads painted green and altered to be disembodied heads. Maybe insert simple green LEDs into the eyes so that they glow round the room? You wouldn't need many heads. Also, specimen jars filled with washing up liquid and small childrens dolls inserted inside. You could label them with sci fi hieroglyphics.
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By monstermash
You could go as a vintage space man equipped with ray gun. Like the sort you see in the sci-fi flicks from the 50's. Or you could go as Mel Gibson from Signs, that would be scary! You could be a crew member of a famous space ship from alien or star trek or something, all you'd need is the uniform which could be bought or made. I'm not much of a sci-fi buff so my points of reference aren't great but i'm sure there are some brilliant characters out there that would make great costumes.
You're theme does allow for a brilliant range of out of this world cocktails and jellies. Im jelly that I can't be there, can't wait to see what you come up with. Oh and I like the black light spray idea, hope you can pull it off.
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By Raven
I'm glad I was wrong about you saying you were not having a party this year. I swear I read someone say they were not going to do a party this year, but I'm old, and can't remember a lot. Maybe I had a dream about it. I dream about not carving or buying pumpkins on time for Halloween, so it's possible I dreamed you didn't have a party this year.

Your ideas thus far sound fantastic! I can't wait to see pictures of it all!