Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
They do seem simple enough, but looks like there are many steps involved to produce them. Almost too cool looking to eat. Love it.
naah, get someone who loves fimo??? ..hmm to sculpt a skull & pour a latex mould
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By hkzombie
that seems like a lot of work! but i like walnuts, and it's better when it looks like brains :lol:
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By CombichristGirl
like im not fat enough geeze lol im not gonna lie they would have to call 911 because of what id do to them
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By CorpseBride
Those are awesome!! I should totally do some...crazy thing is I just made about a dozen polymer clay skulls. All I would need to buy is the silicone....hmmm....
It's easy CP, try it you may well surprise yourself.
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By purple1worm
They look delicious!! :lol: :lol:
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By jen d.
I've been looking for more 'adult' party goodies; these are amazing! However, between all the pumpkin carving, decorating and party planning... I doubt my tired little fingers could handle all the delicacies of this procedure. If any of you try it out, I'd love to see your results. :)
KILLER KLOWN wrote:Hmmmmmmm. I wonder if I could...

Nice find Gus!
KK, if you want to try it as a project for the benefit of the forum (& maybe to establish it as another line for you on etsy, then I am happy to purchase some suitable materials via my paypal account & have them dispatched direct to you). for you to tinker with, think theres enough fans of this kind of thing that go beyond the cheesey moulds currently available, having played with chocolate moulds for cake decorating ..(yes ok, i'm a man) ..a good mould makes this incredibly simple.
I was looking at vacuum forming too, incredibly simple.

The fact is, you know your tools, sculpting ability & possibly workable tolerences for this sort of thing etc, so you are the prime candidate for this!
Are you up for this, it's clear from the sort of novelty silicones that are available this is viable, you are the sort of person who could duplicate enough accurate designs to be of interest for this sort of halloweny finger food / chocolate novelties for basic pouring IF done with some recipe design could be sold as a job lot to adventerous out to impress types, as well as satisfying your own creative bent!
My interest, well I think the existing brain cupcake moulds are cr@p for starters, these chocolate moulds have alot of potential for expansion, when you bear in mind how many short cuts there are in candy making.
I would love to offer decorated brain muffins (in finger doughnut paper cases) ...all thats missing is someone like you to set it in motion! :wink:
..what do you reckon!?

Eyeballs in a gooey retinal jelly? a glue together 2 piecer? could go a bit wild there with candy colouring.
Pumpkin muffin cakes?
etc etc..

decent chocolate winged bats?

you know it!
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By jen d.
It's at this point I'd like to drop everything and say how much I love the community on this forum. :D

GUS, that is an amazing offer.
KK - You can do it! You know we all want to see what you can come up with!