Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
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By zombombie
So for my Halloween party this year I was thinking of giving out a prize for best dressed male & female.

I'm on a bit of a budget as I'm saving for my wedding so need some good ideas ;)

I was thinking maybe a relatively cheap horror DVD and some Halloween related sweets/candy?

Might also look for some kind of certificate... Anyone got any links?

Anyone done this before? Will do this year? Annual thing already?!

Thanks boils and ghouls :D
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Mesmarks site obviously contains "cistificates" as I call em,

As for dvds, well keep an eye out on HUKD site & take your pick as something titillating & rifdiculously cheap arises..
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By zombombie
The pound shop often does £1 horror movies around Halloween so might pick up a few of the cheesiest looking ;)

HUKD is a good shout, and I'll have a look at Mesmarks site. Cheers! :)
What sort of ultra low price are you after for prizes? i'll keep my eyes peeled & pm you if I see anything.
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By zombombie
Probably between £5 and £10 each (the further towards the lower end of that the better ;))

Cheers GUS, appreciate it :)
Generous, I was thinking £2-3 prizes, I'll keep peeled for some schlock horror / downright unrefuseable bargains!
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By monstermash
Ebay is always great for some cheap dvds. I got Evil Dead for 79p!!! Still in its packaging, and not a bad B-Movie horror either.
HMV used to do dvds for 1.99, i bought Attack of the Killer Tomatoes from them.
I would look for B-movie horror for a daft prize along with some other bits and bobs. Pound shop halloween sweets.
You could try making your own certificate, that way you can have whatever you want on it.
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By mesmark
The certificate site GUS was referring to is

Those might not be what you are looking for so keep an eye out for Halloween themes at I'll have some Halloween themes up on that site very soon.

How about collecting £5 from everyone at the door and giving away a cash prize?
Now that is a simple premise Mesmark, one which would make them try bloody hard.
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By mesmark
I run parties for kids so they're pretty happy with candy. I used to give away a lot of little party favors, but in the interest of the environment and trying to reduce amount of throw-away toys, I've opted for more candy prizes. No one seems to notice the difference and it seems they're actually pretty happy to get the candy.

Maybe some pastry shops around can make up some cool Halloween cakes or sweets to send them home with.

My sister has parties for adults and she would collect $20 at the door for prizes. Then she'd give away a couple big restaurant gift certificates as top prizes and some smaller cash prizes.

She also had some pretty good game prizes for bingo winners and other small little contests throughout the event.

It may seem a little expensive for people who know they are going to lose or aren't even trying, so making it part of the support for the party in general might get everyone to cough up.