Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
Dadja wrote:
GUS wrote:does Easy-Jet pass over your house Dadja?
they might.

Imagine that...

GUS landing on a parachute in my garden while holding a giant axe and screaming "DADJA!!! WHERE'S MY INVITATION!!!!"...

If you do that, you're invited! :)
I only ever used to skydive naked...
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By nosferatu
I only ever used to skydive naked...
May I recommend that next time you do so without the aid of a parachute?
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By suzika
You look appropriately, evil.
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By monstermash
Jack Torrance springs to mind. Great creepy look.
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By CorpseBride
I think you may have mastered the creepy look. Well done!!!!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
So did you photograph your chopped up guests? Suppose you didn't want to get blood on the camera though. Understandable.
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By nosferatu
suzika wrote:You look appropriately, evil.
I couldn't tell the difference. He always looks like that!
I think you look a bit like Simon Pegg in that photo. Look forward to seeing more pics.
By Ajax
Dadja wrote:Enjoy the night my friends. It may be your last! :twisted:

I don't get it wheres the costume isn't that what you look like everyday? :lol: