Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
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By MooBoo
That's a great idea Ghostface, people will be distracted by the pumpkins and then that's when you scare them :twisted:
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By Pumpken
Several years ago when I did my pumpkin patch in the basement of the courthouse I made a paper mache pumpkin head. I then dressed up and sat quietly in a chair until people got real close, then I would move and scare them to death. Or if they turned around I would quickly stand up and sneak up behind then to scare them when they looked my way. It was lots of fun.

I made the pumpkin head by molding it around a large real pumpkin to get the shape, letting it dry, cut down the sides to get the mold off, then reconnected it with more paper mache. I then formed a nose and lips and eyebrows and cut out the eyes. I will see if I have a photo anywhere.
Here are some pictures of some of the trail. I'm trying to think of 2 more ideas but I'm stumped. :? But maybe this will help spawn ideas.
This is where I am planning to put the ZP! pumpkin patch.
I want to do something scary with this tree but I don't know what.
ghostface wrote:An idea just hit me! I was thinking I could make a pumpkin patch with ZP! carved pumpkins in it of course. :) And I could have one of my scare actors be a scarecrow in the patch, and once the group walks by he or she can scare the living daylights out of our guests.. :twisted: What do you think?
If you don't carve Patch Master... I'll be verrrrrry dissapointed (if you use said idea). :roll:
In the Pumpkin Patch area I'm going to put Luminaries, Pumpkins, and Foam Pumpkins. What do you think the limit would be on how many I put in there?