Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
The Bi-Polar Hallway would be kind of fun. Heres my interpretation of it (since my dad HAS Bi-Polar)

One side of the room would have very bright, and scenic colors (Blue, Green, Yellow etc) The other would have very dark and macabre colors, some you wouldn't typically see. Examples of this would be maroon, Black, Red, Orange, grey and so on.

On the darker side of the hall, you would put very sombre and menacing things. Maybe things that go bump in the night. :wink: You would also put things that are very dis-pleasing.

On the good side, you would put the Polar opposite

Another idea I had for this would be a Psycho Kitchen. Taking this inspiration from the movie Psycho obviously. On the kitchen table you would have (before the dinner mind you) Zombies, or just people who look plain crazy, at the table as props. On the tables, you would have limbs, and various other body parts on the plates. To add to this effect alone, place no napkins, no cutlery, no anything. Just so that it seems like a crazy person.

As a fun kick, you could have Psycho playing on a mini DVD player :wink:
Excellent invite, you've really set the tone! Well, it seems you're off and running. Nice to have some of the planning done already, isn't it? October 20th, eh? I just may crash. By that point in October I should be pretty well crazy and will fit right in. At the very least, I'll be sleep deprived enough to start hallucinating things like those nightmarish nurses.

I think it's Silent Hill. There's a video on YouTube that shows a woman making a Silent Hill nurse mask. However, her starting point for the project is putting a plastic bag over her head. Not to be recommended, however, I think CB could produce something spectacular.
I'm keeping a close eye on this thread as my costume for this year is an old timey zombie nurse. My big bro wants to be a zombie doctor too so I might have to pinch a few ideas anyone has. :)
CB you're invite is devilish, I love it. Silent Hill always springs to mind when im looking for inspiration. You could always make a couple of straight jackets incase some of your guests get a bit too normal! :lol: