Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
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By Dadja
I have been thinking about how to decorate for this party, and I've come up with a few things.

1. The entrance to the cocktail bar is a narrow dead-end alley. I will put a lantern there (which I have) and I'm hoping to get my hands on a smoke machine to fill the alley in fog.

2. If you remember, last year I also decorated my bathroom with black and white prints of some ZP-patterns and a blacklight. This year I was thinking of doing a 'search for Jack the Ripper scene. Put up prints of 'original' news paper articles, plus a map of Whitechapel, pictures of the victims and connecting them with pins and red wire to the locations on the map where the bodies were found. If that doesn't get you to take a sh*t, I don't know what will....

3. Just some food&drinks thought: I'll go full British by making a 'Gin Cocktail Menu' and serving Fish and Chips...

If you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them!
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By nosferatu
If its half as good as that blacklight display last year, it will be amazing.

Don't forget the jellied eels.

How about a life size Ripper silhouette, cut out of plywood, similar to your invitation, emerging from the mist In the alley? Or of the Ripper, knife above head attacking a prostitute,? You could have a loop sound effect of a woman screaming to greet our guests and set the mood.
I can't believe that at my ripe old age of 23 ive still not tasted gin. I think i'm afraid if I do taste it, I might get addicted to it like all those prostitute victims of the Ripper. :lol: I like your ideas so far Dadja, I'll try and rack my brains and think of some more macabre schemes. Maybe some gin will fuel the thinking process...
I like your idea with Jack the Ripper. he gralloched organs from his victims. So you can show false organs with false blood on a table maybe with the picture from the victims. And I think a knife doesn´t fail.
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By Dadja
More food thoughts. How do

- Beef and Guinness pie
- Pumpkin Curry

sound? This should be a nice balanced British trio, I reckon. Has fish, meat, and veggie + pumpkin :)

As for the Gin cocktails I plan on having 4, with each their own gin:
  • Bombay Saphire Gin & Tonic
    Tom Collins with an Old Tom Gin
    Kyoto #2 (lime, passion fruit, tonic) Gordon's Dry Gin
    #4??? with Beefeater Gin
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By nosferatu
Food sounds great as do the cocktails! Me,
I always like a Gin and It?

Did you know that greenjack do a Ripper ale? Might be a bit expensive. Their online shop however does sell pump clips that are only £2 and might prove a useful bar accessory.
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By badgers
If you're going to get asmoke machine or fog machine, get a "ground fogger" or "low lying fogger" with those the fog/smoke stays mostly on the ground and creates a creepy ground hugging fog.

There are smoke/fog machines available now that have a small compartment up in the front where the fog comes out to "cool" it, that way the fog stays near the ground for the most part...Very COOL Effect.
as the ice melts it's collected in a compartment so your floor/carpet won't get all wet. And most types of these foggers are designed for indoor use.
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By mesmark
badgers wrote:If you're going to get a smoke machine or fog machine, get a "ground fogger" or "low lying fogger" .... and most types of these foggers are designed for indoor use.
This will be interesting to hear about. Dadja, if you do use a fogger let me know how it goes. I'd like to use one for my party but I don't want the place to be a smoky mess, like a concert. I also have the problem of smoke alarms in the public hall we use.
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By Dadja
I've been so busy with work, I haven't had the time to post anything around here, though I have been browsing a bit on my phone when I had the time. But today I spent some time preparing for my Jack the Ripper party, and I discovered something so freakishly coincidental, I just had to tell everyone :)

In 1888, the first year of the Whitechapel Murders, October 31st, was on a Wednesday! Just like this year! Which means, on Halloween I can pretend it's October 31st, 1888, and set my party to the date in the middle of the Whitechapel murders! How sweet is that :) I can make a tear-off calender, use the pages to mark the murders and have it hanging there with the date set to October 31st, 1888 :)

I realise no-one will notice or care that the dates are correct, but I love having these little facts work out so perfectly :) It's a thing I do, don't worry :)