Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
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By mesmark
I wanted to make a spooky Patch Master scarecrow this year. So, I decided to use some PVC pipe and do one up sort of like we did the Grim Reapers before.

The plan:


The construction was pretty simple. I used a PVC pipe frame, a foam wig stand for the head, and pool noodles to make the long creepy hands.


I ran 4 wires down the pool noodle, slit it in 4 and then melted the pieces with a candle to get a wonky look. Then I painted them green. A light brown/tan probably would have been better.


I found a good jacket for him at a recycle shop. It was a little expensive ($25) but was exactly what I was looking for. Any long raincoat or trench coat will work as well. The inside shirt was $2 and the pants were some old work pants of mine.

The hat is a tricky accessory to find. I bought a Harry Potter sorting hat 2 years ago and used that. (It was about $20 at the time I think.) I had to bend the brim up a bit but that’s about it.

I wanted to make a nice pumpkin face but for this year I just decided to use a cheap dollar store mask. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of options for good masks here in local stores… I should probably try Amazon 🤔

Using the same wire and burning technique on pool noodles, I made 4 creepy vines to go around my Patch Master.


I painted those up and here is the final prop:


The field around him will be dark on Halloween night with lighting on the ground pointed up at him. I’ll also have a speaker at the base playing some spooky forest music.

I made a tutorial video on this but I think just the hand and vine part is the only helpful bit :lol:

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By mesmark
DeadKing wrote:
Fri Nov 05, 2021 3:43 am
That looks cool. Great job, and your costumes for this year are also nicely and cleverly done.. like it all
Thanks! We had a lot of fun and luckily the weather was perfect. It was sunny, warm and almost no wind 👻🎃

I did make one more YouTube video of the garden decorations. And it also has some night footage of the haunted graveyard.

Mark, I'm reviewing your scarecrow video because I'm contemplating building a new one for myself this year. The pool noodle hands are surely a good tip. That's a method I hadn't considered. If I try this myself, I'll share progress photos.

Loved the video of your Halloween garden too! I recognize a lot of your past props, but they take on a whole different look when displayed outside. The projections are super cool too. You're always an inspiration!
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By mesmark
Thanks! Last year was fun, doing something outdoors for the first time. I learned a few things and because of a huge spike in Covid here, we’re gonna have to do a garden party again this year.

The scarecrow hands worked out great. I wish I had had more time to get a proper mask together, but for most of the kids it was scary enough as it was.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 👻 🎃
One of the reasons I wanted to try to make a real scarecrow was because I wanted to place it in my back yard, in my pumpkin garden. But sadly, we had a very hot summer with almost no rain. My pumpkin patch got fried in the sun, and the drought resulted in no pumpkins. So I didn't bother making a scarecrow to protect my dead crops. :cry: Maybe next year!