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By NeoandSynn
My wife and I have been Zombie Pumpkins fans for…13 years now I believe. My wife is the artistic one and has done 95% of the carving over our 20 years together. I’m mainly in charge of hauling around the massive gourds she picks out, lighting them, and protecting them from critters and the elements.

We’ve been lurking around the forums for many years – mainly during this time of year obviously. We’ve enjoyed the stories, pictures, and general vibe from the ZP Community and really appreciate Ryan and all of his hard work and dedication. We love Halloween :jack_o_lantern: (Samhain must be appeased!) and Pumpkin Carving is an important tradition in our house. It wouldn’t be near as fun without all the wonderful patterns Ryan has provided to his minions!

I thought it was finally time to say hi and I am in the process of gathering pictures together of all the wonderful carves my wife has worked on. I hope to get them posted by this weekend...if I can just find the pre-2009 pics.

Cheers – Neo & Synn
By Ajax
Welcome !!! Can't wait to see your work. In my house my girlfriend just gets mad at me for spending so much time on pumpkins around this time of year. It's always tense until the carving is done. I do the carving lugging and lighting all by myself :neutral: .
Welcome Neo and Synn! Stick around and join the conversations. This is a great group of people that would love to see your creations!
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By NeoandSynn
We were finally able to find all of the pumpkin pics. Some of the pics are not that great of quality (ancient digital cam). But, it is what it is. Now, to get them posted. Then, add this years after Halloween!