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By nosferatu
This year will be my fourth of living vicariously through the carving of other minions.

For the first couple of years, I bought pumpkins, watched Halloween come and go then witnessed the horror of pumpkins slowly rotting in the garage past Christmas and beyond whilst convincing myself that they’d still be carved.

This year, like last, will sadly be another barren one. Mainly down to time constraints, and to some extent, carving inertia.

Love this year’s patterns as always and the carves of minions.

Big plans for next year providing that Brexit isn’t the total and utter shambles that I expect it to be.

Enjoy the season.
By Ajax
Say "Voltron" Nos! I as well miss your involvement in the forum. I don't think i'm going to do to many this year either, but you never know. With young kids and more responsibilities it seems like time is more and more a precious commodity. I did take the week off , but the lure of insomniacs Spider-Man on the PS4 may be overwhelming.

It seems like more and more the old timers are replaced with new blood. We wear our carpol tunnel scares with pride and memories of better days. Days that our spouses yell at us for carving pumpkins for 12 hours straight. Days where we stain clouthes so bad with pumpkin guts the orange will never come out.
Staying up until 2 in the morning editing and posting pictures to the forum. Ah the good times :grin: .
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By nosferatu
Voltron and Loki patterns would certainly help!

Ajax- I’m still up at 2am working, sadly not on my carving technique but paid employment. I’d love to be carving this year but sadly not, your carving for me. I expect no less than fifty minimum.
Voltron would make a great pattern.

Raven - I love Loki and I know that your love for me would be undiminished should I have disregarded your plea, so for that reason I would love a Loki pattern.

Ryan - Still watching and reading, when I can. I very nearly bought a huge (British definition) of a pumpkin for that Papa Emeritus pattern alone. Absolutely outstanding
By Ajax
I was suppose to live my carving through you this year. I only carved 15 :neutral: .
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By nosferatu
In your case though, it’s quality not quantity that counts. My family actually bought me a small pumpkin which I reluctantly carved. I initially didn’t want to do it as it was small and could only fit an A5 print so I knew it would be difficult and I just don’t have time or patience at the moment. It ended up a complete mess, rough, broken lines etc but I can honestly say I got as much pleasure from that ten minute carve as I have from any other pattern over the years.