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By Euri
Each year I have a bucket list of things I really want to get from the shop and things I need to get from the shop. I personally think they are the same thing, but my budget does not. Early this season I snagged a Shadow mascot shirt and decided to grab a hoodie as well. I really love the Shadow shirt, like so, so much. The colors, the size of the image, the printing on the sleeve- all wonderful things.

But now I'm questioning my sanity and can't for the life of me figure out why I didn't get that hoodie sooner! I absolutely LOVE it! :love: It's the first zip hoodie I have, and that's a definite plus to wear it unzipped to show off my mascot shirt underneath. I work in an elementary school so I wear it daily out for recess and the fleece lining is much warmer than I expected. I was a bit sad I missed out on the previous hoodie (was it for Seed or was that just the binder?) so it's astonishing I waited as long as I did.

Anyway, love the hoodie and the comments it brings at school . Thanks for always giving us cool swag, Ryan. You're the man. :thumbsup: :cool:
Aw, thanks for sharing this review, Euri. Very kind of you to post your positive opinion. Yeah, I think these Coven of the Zombie Pumpkins hoodies are very comfortable. I have purchased several from myself, haha.

I wear them constantly during the fall season. The lining is super soft. It's cozy, but not super heavy, so you can wear it all the time, not just when it's extremely cold.

The previous hoodie had the "Dawn" mascot on the back. I'd like to make more hoodies, but they don't sell as fast as the t-shirts for some reason. So new hoodies are sort of a big event, every several years. Maybe a new version is on the horizon.

I really would have emptied my wallet on a Fortune, Shadow, or Zed hoodie..

Just saying! :wink:
Agreed! I'll grab all future hoodies myself. Still disappointed that I let that Dawn hoodie slip by me.