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By wookie66
I live in Richmond, Va and already both Michaels have sold out of the big foam pumpkins, several other locations in the state are also out. I am assuming all of the shut downs caused low production this year.
In past years, I seem to remember seeing shelves and shelves, bins and bins, of endless foam pumpkins at Michaels. This year I didn't see as many there. It's possible that it's covid related.

But as far as the supply seeming limited now... also keep in mind that craft stores tend to sell early (to give crafters time to make stuff). The start putting out Halloween stuff in July, and by the start of October, they have to start putting out Christmas stuff.

They don't want to get stuck with unsold Halloween inventory, so it seems they purposefully try to sell out of stuff by this stage. I know, it seems a bit weird, since for many people, the celebration of Halloween 2020 is just starting.
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Website still has them. I went this route this year as the store close to was opening, then it wasn't, then it was etc.....
Same deals if not better plus it's fun when a HUGE box arrives at your door.
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