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By amandap80
Hey ZP ghouls - I am still around as ever - I just wanted to jump in and give a life update. The husband and I are still kicking in the rural acreage we bought 5 years ago.

Personally, it has been a crap year. My friend and boss of 20 years died suddenly, at the age of 54, in January. I was to start training the next week to take her position in preparation for her retirement. So, while grieving, I was thrown into a huge position with a ton of responsibility and zero training. Then COVID hit, and I was battling with the higher-ups in my new position to advocate for my staff for safety measures. I left the office crying a lot. It definitely felt like the world was ending, on many fronts. I have never felt more beat down. And why work hard and try when you die before you retire? Or, are killed by the plague?? A good old existential crisis.

We kept hanging in - and it has gotten better. I have been in my new position 9 months, and I am getting more confident and have been attending to my mental health more. COVID is still very scary - especially since we are a rural area and it is just now getting serious around here. We keep trying to grab little bits of happiness where we can. My niece and nephew are here isolating and remote learning with my parents, so I will have some littles around to enjoy my Halloween fun. I am considering a FB event for a drive thru pumpkin display, since I have a big circular drive. I have been endeavoring to make Halloween bigger and better than ever this year. We all need it.

Speaking of little bits of happiness, my step son turned 18 this year and we remodeled the ole barn studio/workout room into an apartment for him while he goes to college. SO - I get a spare bedroom to decorate!

The corner needed a chair and a lamp - so!


That is a new phase of life for me and the husband too - we have had a kid in the house our whole marriage, so it has been a huge sign of relief to move on from that phase of life. We celebrate our 10 year anniversary in December, and I turn the big 4-0 on the 27th of this month. Hopefully the existential crisis doesn't rear its ugly head again! :lol:
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By Pumpkin Hunter
Love the bedroom! It looks stunning. I’m lucky, I’ve got a 10 and 15 year old. My eldest is now happy to carve as well and loves the patterns that Ryan creates. She’s a huge marvel fan. The plague doctor is definitely being done this year as well. There has got to be time for joy, and stopping to appreciate the little things in life. I’m really lucky, I’m in the highlands so can escape into the wilds after a 20-30 mins drive. Then I’m in the mountains and it can be just the four of us for hundreds of miles. That brings me joy. I hope this Halloween is awesome for you!
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By BrookR1
I'm glad you are starting to settle down after a turbulent few months. I'm sure you'll do great in your new role. You were obviously the best person for it. Congrats on successfully raising a kid. Having two smaller ones, I know it's not easy. Time to celebrate.
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By Ajax
Covid has been real quiet here in NB 1 or 2 cases or no cases for months, but we just had 30/40 cases a day in some nearby cities.

Sad to hear about your friend. Seems lately like theres alot of death even if its not covid related. Celebrities, musicians, etc. I think the world this past year has aged us all many years.

That room looks awesome :thumbsup: .

Can't wait to see what you have to carve this season. I think I may lay low for the most part, but will try to squeeze out a few. The orginal Spongebob pattern is calling my name this Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.
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