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By pagemaster1993
I was wondering what you all thought about Rob Zombie's The Munsters. I don't know a lot about when it's coming out, but I'm actually looking forward to it. Also I know that Cassandra Peterson is going to be in it.

Now for a confession: I've never watched any episodes of The Munsters Show. I know... I plan on eventually getting to it. However I did watch the Munster Go Home! movie when it aired on Svengoolie, so I like to think that gives me a little credit.
The original The Munsters show is pretty silly and goofy (and sometimes pretty heartwarming). They're a lovable family of monsters, alway getting into hijinks. A pretty standard vibe for sitcoms of the era... but with a spooky twist of course. That makes them extra endearing to us Halloween fans.

The Munsters have been rebooted in several movies and TV shows over the years. Some good, some bad. And the original show will alway be the standard. In other words, I'm not scared of a reboot. I'll give anything a chance.

Rob Zombie grew up on the show and has a big fondness for it. From the info and production stills I've seen, they're really aiming to capture the vibe or the original show. So I'm not too worried about it feeling violent and mean like Zombie's horror movies.

Fingers crossed. If it's well received, maybe some pumpkin patterns are in our future.
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