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Hello friends!

Thanks to those who have ordered the new goodies from the shop already. I'm blown away by your loyalty. Supply chain issues did play a part in this late product launch, along with some unforeseen speed bumps that are a natural part of manufacturing items in new product categories (like plush toys and tote bags).

US customers who order soon can still get their treats in time for Halloween. For international minions, it might arrive late. But let's be honest... for us, is there any bad time of year to have cool pumpkin gear?

Apologies for temporarily locking non-US customers during checkout. I didn't realize I didn't have "International Markets" set to "Active" but this has been corrected. Zombie Pumpkins is currently shipping to 27 countries.

And regarding shipping costs, I sympathize with the cost to get packages across the ocean. If it's any consolation, the shipping fees being charged are more accurate than ever before, being calculated by the exact weight of each item, as well as the size and weight of the box required.

That doesn't mean the rates will please your wallet, but it does mean that they are accurate to what USPS or UPS really charges. And what they choose to charge is out of my control. I'm trying to give customers more choice, with several shipping options available at checkout (previously I just charged the cheapest rate possible, which isn't always the fastest).

So now, if you need something in 2 days (even overseas) you can chop off your leg and give it to UPS, and they'll air express your ZP merch in a jiffy. Joking aside, you can now chose a shipping speed/price that seems best for your needs. Sometimes UPS will be cheaper, and that carrier is an option now.

This new ecommerce platform (Shopify) gives me a lot more control to manage inventory and shipments all in one place. So packages should be sent out timely, and the customer will have more options to track shipments, review past orders, and hopefully just have a more user friendly shopping experience overall.

So... I know it's late in this 2022 season, but all these efforts will continue to pay off in the future.

Similarly, I've forged new relationships with suppliers and factories, which means you can probably expect to see new types of products in the future, made exactly to my twisted specifications. Good things are ahead. This is indeed an EVOLUTION!
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