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By blueikaos
Hey all!
My fire dept had a fundraiser committee meeting last night and one of our ideas was to host a day time kids Trick or Treat event.

I'm looking for help with ideas and names for the event.
So far we have
* An apple cider station.
* A pumpkin painting station
* A pumpkin patch (we are going to see if we can get the small pumpkins donated, scatter them out in the back of the firehouse and let the kids "pick" their own before painting.

* Music and dancing (if they want)
* Snack tables
* Costume prizes

Thinking about letting the kids "Trick or Treat" at each "station" they stop at.

Any other ideas? They want to charge $5 per child $7.50 per adult.
A pumpkin carving contest would be nice. Other than that it seems that all Halloween party events have been touched upon.
I like the idea of pumpkin picking and pumpkin painting for the kids. Something for them to do, and it promotes the pumpkin arts! ;)

Let's see... music, snacks, costume contest... seems you've got the staples covered. Maybe have a few games the kids can play to win extra treats? Mesmark has posted a bunch of ideas in the past, like in this forum thread.