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By SuperSonic
I'm currently going headstrong into fighting games now. Before I used to only play Smash Bros, where as now I play the following as well.

Street Fighter 4/5 (when 5 releases in March)
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
Mortal Kombat X
Blazblue (only played once at a friends place. Liked it).
zombombie wrote:I enjoy MK on the SNES & Sega Mega Drive, and the new Street Fighter looks great, but I'm not the best at them by any stretch!
You have PS4 right? Have you added my new PSN? I'll be buying SFV on release! The more people to play with the better!

Super___-Sonic- is my new PSN. Add it up :)
That actually looks pretty damn hilarious! I'd be so down for those "Claytalities"
Wow this post is d a t e d. I don't even touch half those games now.

My PSN is still the same though. Catch these hands in Smash Ultimate though!

Smash is my main game of choice. I'll still screw around in MKX once in a while.

Rarely though.

Starting in Blazblue Cross Tag though. So if anything catches your eye on PS4 or Switch and y'all wanna play. Let me know!