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By chuckwagon
not alive, but.... undead, lol

It's just slow right now because we're out of season, and a lot of us Minions are wrapped up in regular life or even other holiday season stuff when those times come around. Plus, the forums were down for quite some time last year and it may have gotten people distracted by other stuff entirely.

Hang in there, and don't get discouraged. People pop in from time to time, and the closer we get to Halloween the more busy it will get around here for sure. It's really fun on the forums when the spooky season is upon us. LOTS of ideas being shared, and discussions happening. :thumbsup:
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By BrookR1
I still check in every now and then...only because I've been carving like crazy. I bought a whole bunch of pumpkins on sale after Halloween, and I've been carving them....about 2 per week. I've been counting the days until Aug/Sep...when the stores start carrying Halloween stuff. Only 6 more months!