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I’ve been checking in every few days in hope that things would be picking up. I’m hoping that now that July 4 has passed, more people will be showing up. Last year was really bad with the forums being down for so long and I’m hopeful that people remember to come back to the site.

I always love seeing what everyone has carved, or has planned for Halloween.
I'm also lurking in the dark :wink:
I hope things will be picking up soon, Halloween has been on my mind for more than a month now, no wait, more than 2, no wait, you know what, I'm always in a Halloween mood :ghost:
Really hope there's more life on the forum this year though, last year was a bit of a downer.
I'm lurking. I check in once in a while but it's been quiet. A few folks carving on the Pumpkin Carving Community page on FB. I'm getting the itch to start this year, but have just been too busy to buckle down. It's also been too freaking hot to carve. Hope everyone else is getting in the 'spirit". Looking forward to Mesmark's annual theme :grin:
Well it is a bit quiet but I'm over already gearing up for this year and already starting some new props for a new yard theme. Going with the Hansel & Gretel theme this year to be a bit different from whats around our neighborhood. I hope we have a Halloween swap box this year!!
I just checked in for the first time this year as well. I already stirred a few pots too! :smile:
I'm finally here! I don't exactly know where I have been, but I'm back. I'm not even sure if I posted anything I did last year. I'm ready for this year though! I have my costume, talking the husband into dressing up, and already put up a few decorations.
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