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By NikkiRae
It has been about two years now since I've been active on this site and I miss it so much!! I got married in October 2016 and we spent our honeymoon (and Halloween) at Disney World. Last year my mom passed away and we moved into a house, so it was a crazy year. I'm excited to have a calm fall this year and carve pumpkins again. Can't wait to get back into this community and celebrate with you all! :smile:
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By Mayor of Haddonfield
Welcome back NikkiRae! It’s going to be a great year!
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By amandap80
Welcome back! It's nice to see you again! I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Congratulations on the marriage and new home though! It will be fun to decorate a new place - new possibilities! Skull and Crossbones Skull and Crossbones