Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
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Share my carvings and props for the year 2013 only. Been using Michael's foam pumpkins for the first time this year and have had good experience with them thus far. Most patterns are ZP! Some are not however. Been a subscriber of ZP! For 3 Halloweens now!
All are lit with LED touch lights with colored glass discs except the "garland" which is a string of flicker lights.
Hope you all enjoy! Happy Hauntings!

Updated URL 10.23 with more photos!

Updated 10.26 - Whole Crop!

The Whole Crop!

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Having fun playing with color. We bought LED touch lights about 3" diameter (3 LED bulbs, runs off 3 AAA's) and removed the clear lenses and replaced them with discs of colored glass of the same size. (My dad did stained glass work for years, and he has leftover stock which he is using to cut the discs.) Some characters have an obvious color. Some don't. Fun to play! :D

This is the largest number we have had lit up at the same time so far! Excited to see them all at once! :thumbsup: