Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
The first pumpkin carved of the season:
Grave 'N' Raven
I was tired and didn't get a great pic, I will attempt again tomorrow!
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By Raven
Nice carve and photo! I thought I had a few birds around here but I couldn't find them, well actually I take that back. I do know where there is a real one, however he is deceased. :P
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By SuperSonic
Awesome carve! Scenery is perfecto!

I'll be doing this one too. So happy that I can do a classic image this year as well! I already have pairings planned for several patterns.
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By Ajax
What a start :thumbsup: looks awesome. Your photos always look great in there very crafty Halloween settings.
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By monstermash
Cracking start to the season Amanda, i'm loving this pattern already. There's nothing wrong with your pic, Your props are perfect, I especially like those jars in the background, very nice.
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By nosferatu
That's brilliant. The light reflecting on the jars and the front of the kin gives the whole thing a creepy feel and is very atmospheric. I swear I saw some feathers move. Awesome carving
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By amandap80
Night Owl
Not super happy with this carve - I started it after 3 glasses of chardonnay. *sigh* :oops: