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This year I'm using these candles to light my jack 'o lanterns. They're made by Ymittos Candles, you can see their info in the photo. They're in Massachusetts which isn't far from me. Shipping was quick.

These candles are called "jack-o-lite" or "slug." You might think of them as a "mini pillar" or a "giant votive." They're somewhere in between, which is great. Small enough to fit in a pumpkin, large enough to burn longer than a votive or tealight. They're 2 inches in height, and 2 inches in diameter.

For burn time I've heard anywhere from 11 hours, to 16 hours, to a full 24 hour day! I haven't burned one all the way down, but the one on the right was burned for 2 hours and hardly budged. These should last well through Halloween night and then some. Sure beats the tiny tealights I've used in the past. Supposedly they burn cleanly right through the center, so there's no much worry about needing a container for them, if they're just sitting in a pumpkin. I'll let you know how they actually performed after the big show.


Oh, almost forgot to mention, Ymittos Candles has also produced candles for quite a few movie productions. You can see their wax and wick work on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, for example. If it's good enough for Captain Jack, it's good enough for me.

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By Ash
Very cool.

I am actually just now trying to figure out what to do about lighting. The candles I'm currently using are a bit too high, I like to have something just tall enough to give that nice glow without being too noticeable through the cutouts.

Too late in the season for me to consider these, but definitely gonna look into them for next year. They sound like the perfect size!
Yeah, my only concern is that they might show up a bit through the cut holes. Still, probably worth it for the extended burn time. I'll be happy if my Halloween night isn't spent relighting candles every so often.
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By Raven
I'm going to check these out for sure. I bought new tea lights this year and I swear they are getting smaller each year. I don't put up a display on Halloween, but I do keep my carves inside for a few nights and light them each night. Halloween night I always make sure one is lit on the step and stays lit till after midnight. You can't be too careful with things like that.
I just placed my 2015 order with Ymittos Candles for their "jack-o-lite" candles. These were perfect last year since they burn for about half a day. They burned clean for the entire Halloween night, well past the witching hour, and on toward dawn. I don't think I had to relight them all night, unlike puny tealights.

Here's their website (shows phone number, click on the page for their email link):

And their Facebook page: