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By GeologySage
What's it like? In my area around my house I have literally about 10 kids... But over at my Grandparents house they get about 500 (they count lol).

Seems that here in the L.A. suburbs that you have pockets of lots-o-kids and pockets of not-a-light-on-the-street...

How's it around your place?

Maybe we can even get a poll for this.
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By Dragon
I'm lucky if I even get 4 trick-or-treaters. The neighbors across the street would take their little boy trick-or-treating and they always come to our house first. It's pretty neat to see what costume his parents may have gotten him. He's around 3 now, I believe.

I won't lie, I miss growing up on bases. There was always a constant stream of children. You really had to stock up on the candy. Any displays you made, you knew was going to be seen by 100 children before the night was over.

But you know... any trick-or-treaters that come to this house are lucky. They get the good candy such as Kit Kat bars since we can afford it.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
In recent years, I've given candy to about 100 kids on Halloween night. But last year I counted over 400! That's quite an increase. I guess it had something to do with the unusually warm weather we had last year. And there's also an elaborate haunted house/yard up the street that draws in the crowds. But I like to think they come around to see the Zombie Pumpkin yard! :twisted:
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By Nikki
Hmm in my area..the suburbs... we often get a lot of teen agers. Last year we didn't have too many since most of them have grown up a bit. I'm 19 and I would still trick or treat if I could find a convincing enough costume LOL.

Normally we go through about...5 bags of candy. :twisted:
By taber
I live in an apartment community in the suburbs. We just moved here in August so I guess we'll see. Last year we lived at another apt place down the road, closer to a city... and we got 1 kid. I think that's because we have a secure building that you have to swipe a key fob to get into. Oh well. We eat the candy. We like the candy. Paul Bunyan was an expert lumberjack.
By Joey
It used to be pretty darn good, but it's been dead these past few years, thanks to rain and other crap. Though I can't say for sure about how it goes for handing the stuff out, since I'm always out there.

It's good to look 15 =D
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By Dans banana Loafcake
Ok then guys, whats the best trick you've ever seen/pull and what was the best non sweety (candy for you lot) treat you've ever received?

By Joey
There used to be this old lady who owned this big plot of land across the street from me, and she used to give out fresh baked cookies for Halloween when I was a kid. It was so great.
By Jack
This is the first year at my new place,so we will see but I know at my last couple places I have entised 4 to times as many kids with my haunted yard and tones of zomby pumpkins,I give out full size chocolate bars that may help :P
By Cheef
last year was the first year in this nighborhood since we bought this house and we had 115 as our final count, we got a lot of positive feedback from the pumpkins so were going to have enough candy for at least 150 this year.
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By Nikki
I was driving around tonite with a friend and I noticed something..a lot of people in the general neighboorhood don't seem to celebrate/decorate for Halloween as much as they used to! I wonder why this is? I know times have changed a lot but it's odd. Halloween's always been a favorite for me...
By Cheef
I think halloween has gotten a bad rap over the the last 10 - 20 years. I personally love halloween, second only to christmas. AS for reasons, who knows. All i know is that in my case i think part of the reason i love it so much, might be due somewhat to the fact that i was brought up in one of those strict, pentecostal churches, and our preacher had all us kids' parents brainwashed into believing Hallowen is some kind of devils holiday. So of course, they tried to pervert it and make into some crappy harvest festival crap. well now that im a adult and have turned away from that type of hard core religion i find great pleasure in halloween and have a lot of fun decorating, carving, and enjoying the company we get that night.

Also, i have noticed that a lot of people on halloween, as in my case as well, choose not to put up all their halloween decorations until jsut a few days before the actual day. right now i look outside in my nieghborhood and theres only a couple pumpkins out on front porches. this will change come this coming weekend when just about everyone will be doing something. this is a big trick or treater nieghborhood, so the jack o lanterns come out in force, just long enough to where they wont be rotting piles of mold by thge time the actual night gets here.

I personally like to spring my entire halloween didplay on the nieghbors the day before halloween, keeps them guessing as to what im planning on each year. :)
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By Nikki
I was brougt up in a strict catholic family but they always let me enjoy Halloween and go around the town Haha

It's sad that a lot of parents these days are soparanoid about the candies their children are being given. I wanted to make homemade candied apples to pass out to the first 20 kids but then my relatives said that wouldnt be a good idea especially since a lot of people are "sue happy" these days :(

I remember when I was about 7-10, every year our naighboor Mrs. Crawl would make a batch of homemade goodies and give them out.. people don't do that kind of stuff anymore. I would, but like I said, people these days are paranoid and like to sue even if what you have is good.

Instead I normally buy little baggies and stuff them with candies from the store.
By Cheef
we get a few friends with little kids who try and stop by every year to see what were up to on halloween, so the wife will always have some treats set aside for the kids that she reserves just for the ones we are family friends with, everyone else gets plenty of store bought stuff.

plus we usually have some adult type stuff, meaning stuff kids dont like, set aside for are friends who might be a bit snickered out if you know what i mean. crackers, horderves, some chips and dip, something to drink.
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By Nikki
That's great that you do that 8)

I'm not too familiar with the kids in our neighboorhood..every year they're always different Haha