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Dear Patchmaster-

I know it's barely through summer, but I am already seeing fall stuff showing up in stores! I have been a very good minion this year. I just thought I would right this letter to share what patterns I would LOVE to see this year to forever slice into a foamie.

1. Stranger Things Gang (Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Eddie, Hopper, Nancy, Steve, Vecna, Joyce, Max, Robin)
2. Marvel (Captain Marvel, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, StarLord, Drax, Gamora)
3. Ted Lasso (Ted, Beard, Roy, Keeley, Rebecca)
4. Young Frankenstein (Dr. Fronk-en-steen, The Monster, Eye-Gore :-P)
5. A Christmas Story (Ralphie in Bunny Suit)
6. Elf (Buddy the Elf)

I might think of some later.

Happy spooky season everyone!

My wish list this year.

1. The stranger things crew
2. Muppet Haunted Mansion special characters/ Haunted Mansion ride Icon characters
3. Studio Ghibli Characters
4. More Jurassic Park Patterns( human actors)
5. More Disney Villians

Thank you!!!
1) Voltron.
2) Mega Man.
3) Black Phone.
4) Vecna.
5) Terminator.
6) Rambo.
7) Mr T.
8.) Pinocchio.
9) Iago the parrot Alladin
10) More Pokemon Evee, Charizard, Lucario.
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Dear Patchmaster, here's my list:
  • Poltergeist (Girl in front of TV)
  • Amityville House
  • Psycho Hotel
  • Angry Staypuft (Ghostbusters)
  • Ichabod Crane (Disney version)
  • Mr. Dark (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
  • Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Carrie (bloody)
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Well. I'm a little late to this party aren't I! 😅

Well. Seeing as one was already granted. I'll cross it off as I go here!

1. Halloween Ends pattern (we got classic Laurie so this is the one I got so far)

2. Papa Emeritus IV and a Nameless Ghoul (set)

3. Tails/Knuckles OR Eggman (classic) Or movie versions (Sonic and Tails)



6. Zed

7. Mr. Moundshroud from The Halloween Tree

8. Crazy Bones (old 90's toy which usually featured creepy kooks)

9. Hagrid

10. More spooky Pokémon

That about sums up my list in all honesty. Some I've wanted for a long time. Others new, and some that tickle everyones fancy!
Hi all,

First time poster, long time follower/carver of ZP. Late to this party as well, but just a few ideas for 2022/2023 and beyond:
1. Stranger Things - Demogorgan or Vecna Maniac level (seems to be a theme with lots of love for Hawkins!)
2. Terminator - Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Maniac level…would be totally awesome
3. Robocop (1987 of course) - I’d buy that for a dollar!! :)
4. Kevin McCallister from Home Alone or Clark Griswald from National Lampoon’s Christmas - - - just classics to keep up for the holidays!
5. Top Gun - Maverick and Goose, great pair to carve.
6. Sopranos - Tony Soprano - - - been looking for this for awhile. There’s lots of silhouettes out there, but I think Ryan can do the late Mr. Gandolfini justice!
7. Mad Men - Don Draper. The bad(ish) guy everyone loves. Just awesome.
8. Sons of Anarchy - will never stop asking for a SoA Reaper or Jax/Clay.
9. Rapunzel/Tangled - my daughter is obsessed and I saw some other older posts around these.
10. Any dragon from Game of Thrones or House of the Dragon - who doesn’t like dragons?! :lol:
11. The Grabber from The Black Phone - great mask from Tom Savini, worthy of carving.

Love Ryan’s work and always look forward to carving new batches of foamies each year (Michaels keeps stealing my money!!), so I’m stoked to see what else comes out this year!

Thanks all.
1 horned king from black couldron
2 disney ichabod crane and headless horseman
3 Mr. Toad
4 uncle deadly muppets
5 haunted mansion bride, singing busts, portraits, library busts, Haunted mansion muppets. Really anything HM
6 black phone mask.
7 lordi band members
8 new Gene Simmons kiss patterns