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By paddy_babe
Hi everyone! :D
just a quick post to say heeeello to everyone at ZP.
I found this site 2 years ago when looking for inspiration to do a pumpkin that was different to the 'traditional' triangle eyed one lol
Decided this year to become a member (after the patch master told me I can still become a member even though I'm from the UK) so wooot woooot!
I feel a bit silly though, I got the 'bare bones' membership to enable me to join in the forums and shop with the idea of upgrading to the full membership on payday (roll on 25th!!) but now I dont think I needed membership to join the forums but at least the $2 is not lost and will be taken off the upgrade!! (rofl @ my blonde moment.. I would have waiting till payday but wanted to join in!) :oops:

anyhoo quick question to anyone else in the uk... when do you order from the shop?? I want to treat myself to the the pro tools (it was my 21st bday last sunday :) ) and want to get it with enough time for halloween.
By Ajax
Happy Belated Birthday welcome to the patch.
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By paddy_babe
thanks ajax, I love your name btw. Best cleaning product in the world lol :D
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By nosferatu
Welcome aboard. In years past, delivery from USA to UK has meant that my parcels have arrived in as quick as 4 days! - which is quicker than sending a parcel within the Uk to a UK destination. I ordered some stuff about a week ago and expect it will arrive in the next few days.

Happy Birthday and the Pro Carving Tool is both a great investment and a great present to buy for oneself. I bought one last year and it made a massive differnce to carving.
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By paddy_babe
I was stuck tbh between the carbon paper thingy (but then figured I can get that from a craft shop or do the 'pokey' thing lol) and the lights (but could use tealights) so I thought get the thing that I'd cherish and would actually make a difference to my pumpkins.

I gotta learn to pace myself with the ZP site. I've been nosing through the patterns/forums/shop and advice for a couple of days now and am quickly getting addicted to the site :D
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By Mistress_of_Halloween
We have our own addicts meetings every second Tuesday....Just Kidding.

It is really easy to get addicted to the site though, especially this time of year. Welcome to the forums. Once you're here you may never leave.
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By nosferatu
You will be a soon hardened addict, searching for your next fix.

Art shops in the Uk sell graphite paper, available in black and white, which transfers the design very well. Costs £2 for a big sheet.
saral paper is hard / nigh on impossible to obtain out of the USA! ..so Ryans one stop shop is very convenient (I spent hours looking for it in canada last year)!

Thoroughly recommend the ZP carving set (or two actually) so you don't have to change the saw types & interupt the flow!
Howler lights are to die for!

if it were one thing though start with the Zp warren pro set!

(incidentally peterborough central or on the outskirts)? ..as I've just been told today of a proper Pumpkin Patch nearby! ..will get more details tomorrow I hope!
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By purple1worm
Welcome to the site. And happy belated b-day!!
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By paddy_babe
Mistress_of_Halloween wrote: Once you're here you may never leave.
Didnt think a site like this would listen to the 'till death do us part' clause lol!
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By paddy_babe
OMG GUS! I heard there was a pumpkin patch nearby but I couldnt find anything of it! If you do hear anything through the 'kin vine PLEASE let me know :D

I live about 10mins drive from the town centre so yeah I suppose I'm proper pboro lol
whereabouts are you?
15 miles out as the fen wind blows!

I'll probably be seen pawing asda merchandise for hours on end for the next few weeks! ..hard to miss really :oops: ..kinda have that halloween fervour.
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By paddy_babe
I can only start getting my stuff on the 25th (payday!) so if your there before me save me some good stuff!

does anyone know how to get a picture here

i feel left out! lol
Depending on what stock they have you may wish to invest in some of the animated stuff & sell it at inflated prices on ebay in order to buy stuff you really want yourself, we generally semi fund our halloween this way! ..try to!
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By paddy_babe
ohhh thats a good idea :D
I could make halloweeny cards to sell aswell :D
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