Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
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By SuperSonic
My guesses are the following



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By Tkaraoke
I'm going for...



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By mudd
i see its never too early to start guessing. okay, im game :D .
im guessing...

HARVEST of the zps

MARTYR of the zps

PLANET of the zps

EARTH vs zps

VIGILANCE of the zps

sooooo......does this mean ive used up my allowable guesses? :roll:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Sure, lets do this guessing game again. See if you can guess what the title will be for the 2011 version of this website.

Typically the titles are like, "_____ of the Zombie Pumpkins!"

The titles of past sites have been....

2003 - Attack of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2004 - Revenge of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2005 - Curse of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2006 - Bride of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2007 - Seed of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2008 - Night of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2009 - Dawn of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2010 - Invasion of the Zombie Pumpkins!

Each forum member can make up to 3 guesses. Your first 3 guesses are what count (so no going back and editing your posts, or the guesses won't count).

Once the title is revealed in September 2011, the forum member who posted the correct title first will win this little contest.

The winner will get a free Pro Pumpkin Carving Tool ($20 value), AND... their membership will be upgraded to the next level above where it stands at the time of the contest's end.

In other words, if you're a...

non-member > would be upgraded to Bare Bones plan ($2)
already a Bare Bones plan ($2) > would be upgraded to Break Ground plan ($5)
already a Break Ground plan ($5) > would be upgraded to Whole Harvest plan ($10)
already a Whole Harvest plan ($10) > would be upgraded to Monster Harvest ($20)
already a Monster Harvest ($20) > I'll send another free item when I send the carving tool prize

So put your thinking caps on. You won't know until September if anyone has correctly spoken the title, so keep the guesses coming.
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By wookie66
My picks

Battle of the ZP

Torture of the ZP

War of the ZP
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By hkzombie
Attack of the Zps

Slaughter of the Zps

Cursed Return of the Zps
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
hkzombie wrote:Attack of the Zps
"Attack" was used in 2003. You get another guess. ;)
By billymaya
im only guessing once lol

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By CorpseBride
Already?!? :lol: Sure...why not....

My guesses were:
Return of the Zombie Pumpkins
Blood of the Zombie Pumpkins
...then I noticed TKaraoke guessed them :( have to think some more! lol
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By hkzombie
Deng it! Hmmm.... The Haunting of ZP's
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By paddy_babe
Scream Of The Zombie Pumpkin
Reign Of The Zombie Pumpkin
Massacre Of The Zombie Pumpkin

argh there are so many choices, can we have a hint once its chosen??
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By hkzombie
No one hasn't gotten the title yet?! :?
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