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By Aylortay
Anyone ever had fangs made? I've wanted some for about, oh, ten years now. So I finally decided to just go for it. I'm hoping to get them done by this guy in CT but he's doing a nationwide tour right now ( Just wondering if anyone else has ever done it or thought about it. Seems like a fun little thing to have :)

also trying to think of the best kind of costume contacts to get to go along with the fangs... I wanted black for a long time but I think they'd be too subtle. White seems like the next best option (and affordable). There are some wicked cool ones out there but a lot of them are REALLY expensive. I really, really want a pair of mirrored contacts (a la Riddick) but they're $300/pair :(
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By Dans banana Loafcake
For my mumm ra costume I've got to wear red lenses and some dental distortion "gremlin" teeth but I've never hear of fang makers. Do they make them to suit your teeth for the perfect fit? Also I didn't realise you could get mirrored lenses, I though it was a special effect in the movie. I'd love to have totally red lenses for mumm ra but unfortunatly I could only fing ones with the pupil hole left clear. Mind you that'll probably help me see some what. :D Hehe.

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By Aylortay
Do they make them to suit your teeth for the perfect fit?
Yep, they're acrylic caps that are molded to your teeth and then shaped into however you want them. There are actually a lot of people who make them but this guy is local so that helps ;)
Also I didn't realise you could get mirrored lenses They're expensive but they're also the only company that I've found who has them.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Hey Aylortay, any progress on obtaining your fangs? If it doesn't happen, we can always just file down your teeth or something. :P
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By Tkaraoke
Wow! Now those are some serious chompers! I wonder how expensive a set of those go for. It's like most things in this world....a great set of fangs are awesome and a bad set are just that...bad!

BTW: We still have time to grind your teeth down! I just got a new Dremel tool and I'm itching to use it!
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By Aylortay
They cost around $100 for the pair. They're just caps that are fitted to your canine's then shaped how you want them. And since they're molded on your teeth, 99% of the time they stay on on their own with no adhesive.

Oh well. Would have been nice but it's probably not happening. Besides which, I'm not doing anything for halloween so there isn't much point.
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By Wedge
A few years back Hot topic hand ones like that (they still might). There was a bit of hard wax on the inside or each fang and you would put them in hot water and push them onto your teeth. The sealed fit meant they stayed on most the time. I got a set back when I was in high school and would have to say they were around $20.
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By Aylortay
well the really good thing about this particular set is that they're also color matched to your teeth, and they're made out of dental acrylic... And hand made while you watch.

I'm definitely of the "you get what you pay for" mindset ;)
By finklemyer
For fangs and such you could check for links from either the white wolf web site or the camarilla web sites, White wolf makes teh game "vampire, the masquerade" and the CAm is the live action roleplaying org. that uses the stuff white wolf puts out . .. I've know a few players, if anyone knows where to get fangs it would be them.
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By amandap80
The best affordable brand I have come across are 'Scarecrow' fangs. They have several different styles and colors, to help match. They range from $15-$30 a pair, with single or double incisors. I got my pair 2 years ago, and if molded correctly, are quite well fitting and realistic.

I chose classic.