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I thought it would be interesting to start a thread of signs that you have a pumpkin carving addiction. Not a bad thing in any way. I'll start off the list and feel free to add to it.

You can recognize the pumpkin stencil someone used for their pumpkin carving becuase you have either carved it before or have it in your collection.

You have a pumpkin carving budget.

You have a toolbox/storage container for your carving tools.

You have numerous pumpkin carving sites/stencil designs web pages bookmarked.

Halloween is your Christmas.
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You have researched various methods of preserving pumpkins.

You have the computer software prgram to change photos into pumpkin stencils.

You stock up on Funkins duirng the "after hallowen sale" for "later use."

You once only carved pumpkins for Halloween but know carve pumpkins/funkins through Thanksgiving, Christimas, or any other significant holiday or event.

During the "offseason" you carve watermelons.

You know what a funkin is.

You know about the Michael's Faux Pumpkins dreaded black line.

You know how to get rid of the Michael's Faux Pumpkin dreaded black line.
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By sodajazz
You sit rocking backwards and forwards twiddling fingers from november 1st till october 1st...... or is that just me?
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By Mister_JP
You go to Home Depot not for "home improvement" but for "pumpkin perfection."

You grow crops in your garden that you never intend on eating.

You "start thinking about" your Halloween carvings in February.

Candle stores are suddenly interesting in October.

And... For one day a year you are "The King" the other 364, you are just "that wierd pumpkin dude."
By Pumpkingrower
Mister_JP wrote: And... For one day a year you are "The King" the other 364, you are just "that wierd pumpkin dude."
One of the best ones yet. It is also too funny that I took monday and tuesday off this year to expand my count.

another sign...
You have to make more than one trip to the local pumpkin patch because the first trip wasn't enough.

You ask your wife what are some signs that I have become addicted to pumpkin carving.
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By vaderknightrider
You're forced to live in the car because the spouse is tired of hearing you talk about pumpkins.

Every trip to the store must include a visit to the pumpkin section.

You have to wait in line the day after Labor Day to get more pumpkin carving patterns, tools, candles, etc., etc.

You can recite how to preserve pumpkin carvings by memory.
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By Pumpkin King
You get carpral tunnel syndrome from carving and gutting all the pumpkins you carve.

You get a rash from the pumpkin guts (which are slightly acidic) from all the pumpkins you carve.

You improvise tools not made for pumpkin carving to improve or speed up the carving process.
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By Tkaraoke
#3833 have 8 pumpkins in your garage BEFORE October 1st... have 4 diffrent carving kits...
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By sodajazz
Mister_JP wrote:And... For one day a year you are "The King" the other 364, you are just "that wierd pumpkin dude."
So very very true :D

Now i know i'm addicted :roll: