Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
ok i believe i have collected enough pumpkins to warrant a topic all about my babies. so far i have 8 but the rest of the local you pick patches open this weekend and its still not october so there will be many more to join them.

seven of the babies, plus one Frankenkitty (no joke that is her last name)

and this big boy is separated from the others because he has a few gouges and soft spots

i have already exceeded what i had last year because i was injured all this summer and able to start collecting sooner. this will be a good year :D
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zombombie wrote:Get that big damaged one carved!! ;)

im going to probably after next week. i live near a bunch of churches who already think i'm weird. but the first weekend of october one has a carnival so i get a lot of foot traffic in the area. i figure if its gets worse (or lets be honest i just need to cut up some pumpkin) i'm putting something that ketches the eye on it and getting a little one to carve the logo into next to it. but that boy is easily about 30 pounds so i have to find just the right pattern to get attention. :D for now he's separated so he doesn't get the others sick
RavensDestiny wrote:Great crop so far! It looks like Frankenkitty approves.
yeah those have been there for most the week so she has gotten used to them. but every time i come home with another big funny smelling orange thing she gets disgruntled for a few hours... so does my roommate :lol:
first carve of the year!

my other monster! (the kitty in the other photos is my first monster)

i think it came out ok getting it on the the pumpkin was an adventure when i transferred the pattern (i poke) before opening it up and first try on a pumpkin with my carving tool it flexed a bit more than i had expected but i don't think that will ketch me off guard again. sorry i have a dumb phone and its my only camera so all my photos must be fuzzy :?